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      I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Dan Latrimurti. I live in Albuquerque, NM with my wife and daughter. I started to get interested in video last year after I was graciously replaced by a Chinese counterpart who’d do my job for a third of what I did. That is the good news! From that I launched my own business and shortly thereafter became intersted in the video wave that is taking over the internet and as is mentioned here; "The Democratization" of video. Shortly thereafter I came to be acqainted with a local independent filmmaker by the name of Anthony DellaFlora. Anthony had produced an independent film 10 years ago called High Strange New Mexico. We chatted and decided to put his movie online using a new platform that I was building my business on. (fyi the url is Anyway from the exposure he got he now has a national distribution contract and this led to extending our mutual desire to democratize filmmaking for filmmakers even more, so we conjured up The Filmmakers Channel at The platform we are using provides all filmmakers with their own distribution platform that they can use just about any way they want. We do not take any ownership, or rights to your movie and we are completely dedicated to supporting the filmmaker achieve long term success, make more money and better films. Hence, we are not just a distribution platform and will be having monthly conference calls that we’ll offer to filmmaker that will help them become better business people and artists. We are just now in ‘beta’ testing phase and we invite any of you to take a look and see if you might benefit not only from The Filmmakers Channel but our platform as well (which you can take anywhere). The platform is a streaming platform, that doesn’t buffer regardless of film length with planned support for HD and an onboard Pay Per View module by the end of they year.

      Sorry for this being such a long post. I look forward to learning from these forums and improving my skills. My wife is a Belly Dancer and we are just now starting to shoot video of her which we plan to put behind a secure site with carte blanche access to all instructional video for a low monthly price.

      Best Regards,
      Daniel Latrimurti[/url]

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      Sounds interesting. So… would a movie-maker place a trailer on your site, hoping a theatrical distributor or DVD publisher would see it and contact him about handling distribution for the complete movie?
      Would this be aimed at general entertainment movies, or vertical-market informational videos?
      Ken Hull

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      Hi Ken,

      Actually the filmmaker could post a trailer in support of selling his full length independent film. We have a PayPal, Pay Per View Model we configure for each filmmaker. We try and do all the work for the filmmaker. All they have to do is register, get their distribution account, upload their film, and then we review it. We do the review because we want high quality independent films. Then once we review it we put it in our d/b where it can be seen and sold
      In addition since we are filmmaker centric each filmmaker can create a profile and then support it with video streamed using the same platfrom that is used to stream their video.
      Later in the year we’ll have a more robust pay per view model that will eliminate PayPal.
      We’re also working with the Santa Fe Film Festival to enable the same distribution platform for online festival submissions as a way of going green. This also gives the filmmaker distribution choices and options after the festival shoudl they not get a distribution contract.


Viewing 2 reply threads
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