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      Hi, I’m Greg. I’ve been a commercial photographer for 40+ years. I am 1 of the first shooters to bring digital photography into the studio over 23 years ago. in the 70s & 80s I used to shoot cinema & video for commercial & documentary production. I found I didn’t have enough time to do both still & cinema so, as my passion was still, cinema & video went to the sidelines.

      My wife of almost 40 years passed away & I semi-retired. This has given me the time to get back into video. The introduction of large format chips for video now gives videographers to finally get that film look, instead of the old up against the wall, soap feel. Much better.

      I have been involved with many world wide forums & find them very helpful & informative. Look forward to seeing what everyone has to say & hope some of you can help when I may need it

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      Greetings to the forums — and very sorry to hear about your loss.  40 years was a wonderful gift you were able to share with someone special.  I teach computer networking at a CTC (vo-tech) and I don’t see that kind of commitment in this generation of students.  I have been married for 25 years, raised several children (relatives and their friends) and now we are on round two with 4 adopted foster children.  The two things I hope to instill in them is integrity and commitment.

      My guess is that you will be able to help more of us along the journey.


      P.S. Cool avatar — sure beats mine!

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      Greg, welcome to the forum and I am very sorry for your loss; I have been married for 26 years and hope I can make at least 40 years as you did.

      Now to your question, I am sure you will get varying opinions here but I will tell you that when it comes to the sensors you will want to look for CCD’s not the CMOS. CMOS has some drawbacks. What type of budget do you have is the biggest question and it will determine the equipment we will suggest.

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      Hi Greg –

      1) Let me send my condolences for your loss. While only married to Mindy for almost six years, we have known each other for 44 (very long story) and I can only hope I go before she does – I don’t know if I could handle the loss.

      2) Welcome to the forums – There is much experience here and I would urge you to take advantage of it.

      3) I too used to be a pro photographer a few lifetimes ago – I started taking photos at the age of 6 (~1960), digital photography in the mid 90’s (640 x 480), film around the mid 60’s, video around the mid 80’s and digital video in 2004.

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