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      Hi everyone!

      i’m new to the Videomaker Community and the video scene.
      I’m looking to make a little personal website to share videos with family & friends.

      I bought a Sony SR200 camcorder and made some videos. I’m looking to cut and edit clips to combine them into one continuously clip.

      I’m using adobe premiere borrowed from a co worker but it wont open the MPG file format that the Sony cameras outputted.

      Can someone help me with this? Are there any other editing programs out there that is more user friendly for beginners? Premiere seems to be very complicated for someone like me. All i really need to do is cut clips to combine into one, and compress it down for uploading onto the web.

      Thanks for any help!!

      ps. willing to hire a consultant if necessary. if you’re interested in a part time job, let me know =)

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      sounds like a codec issue, you may need to download a proper codec for your software to work.

      1. mpg files are not edit friendly, if you can capture in avi, file will be large so make sure you have a large file storage drive seperate from system drive.
      2. take a look at (as far as ease) windows movie maker
      3. if you want a bit more capability, look at sony vegas studio platnum (adds dvd creation software) very good program!


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      There are a few online editing suites available online and they should be able to support that format as far as I know. You can save the final cut onto your computer and then do whatever you want with it.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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