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      l have a new sony DVD camcorder and here l thought, l can send some footage of the grandkids to their grandma….but my PC cant do anything with the video using the USB link. l cant play the disks in the computer even though l am supposed to be able to. l finalized the disk before trying. the picture motion browser (supplied software with the camera) just will NOT perform any of the things its supposed to, won’t copy DVD, cant edit, can’t transfer the files. nothing else l have will either.
      l went to the sony shop and they said l need a codec from the internet, and told me to download "any DVD" or another simular one but l have not found any thatl works yet. Does anybody have any ideas ?
      it is not BlueRay.
      its the sony DCR-DVD106E And it uses mini DVD disks, supposed to use + or – i have been using – format. and also using real maxell and BASF disks.[/b]

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      I don’t have a ton of experience shooting with a DVD cam but I have had a client give me footage on one of these. There camcorders are not made with editing in mind. they are really geared toward easy watching of the footage on DVD without having to encode video first. In order to work with the footage and edit it, it really needs to be ripped and converted into a more usable format. There is alot of software out there that will do it, some free, some not. Try searching for dvd ripper software and find one that will rip to AVI format. You can use that to extract the video into a format that will be easier to work with.

      Hope this helps,


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      If I understand correctly, the USB link is just to transfer still photos. On most normal camcorders, you usually use the firewire (IEEE1394) link to transfer video footage from the camcorder to the computer, but since yours has the dvd, you should just be able to play that on a dvd player.

      Yes, you would need to make sure the DVD’s are being finalized to be able to play them in a normal dvd player. You might check and see if anyone else has this camera and can give you suggestions, or is all else fails, go back and read the manual.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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