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      Just getting back here after a few years absence. I hope this is the best place for this question.

      I am right now, looking to put together a new sytem. I intend to buy Adobe Master Collection CS4. Two things; I want it to work and I want it to work fast.

      I intend to build with at least 8GB RAM, Vista 64 bit and two 24″ displays. I can go with nVidia or ATI graphics cards.

      What I use now I built 7 years ago … 1.6GHz P4, Win2000 … now XP and 1GB RDRAM. Lots-o-HDD space. I’ve been using Premiere Pro 1.5. All is well, but it is not the speed I need for new work I am getting. I haven’t looked much at computer stuff in recent years because what I had was doing the job for me. Back then, you just got the fastest CPU you could buy with the most RAM you could afford, some hard drives, installed the software and away you go. NOT SO now. What a crazy world of processors and graphics cards and RAM.Whew … what I’m really after, is what will work with CS4.



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      I too am interested in this question. I intend to upgrade to CS4 Master Collection eventually and know almost nothing about graphics cards, etc.

      Any answers for the two of us are greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, chris

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      You seem to be on the right track here. Get the best processor you can afford and the most RAM you can afford. Aside from that, you’ll need hard drive space. I can’t really say how much. It depends on what you’re editing. Definitely aim for at least a Quad core processor or better if you can.

      Paul Del Vecchio

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      Sorry for the delayed response Paulafter your quick response. Life kind of broadsided me for a bit here.

      I’ve learned a LOT in the past week about some of the new editing systems available. I THINK I’m going with the Quadro CX graphics card. Some say that may be overkill, but I intend to do some 3D stuff too. Are you aware of any CS4/Quadro CX issues? It is pricey, but if it does what I need, well, then it is worth it to me.


      Thank you,


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      Check this link for compatible cards;

      Everything I’ve heard so far is a 1GB card works best. We just built an HD capable NLE w/2 linked video cards = 1GB and it works quite well. When you get Vista, get Vista Business 64-bit. I could kick myself for listening to all the bad hype. Anyone who talks smack about it never used it. More than a worthy successort to XP Pro.

      Far as your build goes, nothing’s changed. Max CPU, RAM and harddrive space as you can afford. Depending on what you doing, seriously consider setting up an internal RAID 0-5. Harddrives are much cheaper now so shoot for 500 – 750GB’s to make your raid with. You want at least 1TB especially if you’re planning on doing HD. Paul’s on point with the processor. Quad core is the way to go. Don’t blow a grand on a CPU! Every forum and expert I’ve asked say it’s a waste of money. Besides, that $1k chip won’t cost as much when the new stuff comes out. If you really want to throw down, consider getting a dual mobo, get two CPU’s and still pay less than a grand. RAM is where you’ll be rolling. Don’t blow the cash on more than 800Mhz RAM! Again same forums and experts say its a waste because there isn’t a significant increase in speed. Just jam as much ram in as you can afford (4GB’s or better!)

      Now, for around $4.5 – 6.5k you can build an NLE that will rival anything that mac, hp, or dell can make in the same configuration and still pay $2k or more less! Have fun!

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      Thanks! I too was gone for a while. Thanks especiallyto composite1 for the bit about Vista Business 64-bit! I’ve used some lesser version and didn’t like it at all, but will probably change from XP after hearing that.

      Thanks also to Paul for his answer! chris of colorado

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      >>>I THINK I’m going with the Quadro CX graphics card.

      I’ve heard good things about the Quadro CX…

      A good motherboad for this card is the Intel D5400XS and is the only intel board that is recommended by Nvidia for SLI.

      It’s around $650 bucks, but it supports SLI technology that will support multiple graphics cards if you decide to add an extra Quadro CX or a more basic card likeNvidia Geforce 8800.

      It also supports(2) Xeon Quad processors and can be upgraded to acomodate (2) Core 2 Extreme Processors when you’re ready.

      It allows for up to 16 Gb RAM and has Six Serial ATA 3.0 Gb/s ports, including 2 eSATA port with RAID support supplied by a Marvell controller.

      Here is a link to the general overview:

      The following links can be found within the overview but I included them for your convenience.

      Compatible processors:

      Recommended Chasis:


      Thermal Solutions:

      Also, Does anybody have anyexperience with other SLI boards?

      It might also be helpful if someone can give their thoughts on the various compatible Xeon Quad processors listed in the “compatible Processor” link above. what do you think is the most bang for the buck?

      I hope this narrows it down a bit for you…



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      Our current build sports an EVGA nForce 780i mobo. Nice board, only beef is I would have preferred one less video card slot for one more PCI slot. We use two pny GeoForce 8800GT’s 512MB overclocked cards and 8GB’s of SLI ready RAM. Renders for HD, Mographics and 3D flyby now. I wish I could have had this rig 5 years ago!

      We went with a straight IntelQuad Core 2.4Ghz overclocked to 2.8Ghz. Could have cranked it to 3.0 but want it to last more than 3 years!

      Oh and Chris,

      When you move to Vista Biz 64-bit, make sure all your old software is compatible. With the 32-bit emulator built into SP1, a lot of old 32-bit programs can function (I’ve got old plug-ins from obsolete systems that work just fine.) If it’s not listed on the manufacturer’s site that it’s compatible, it’s probably not. However, you can do trial and error to see.

      Concerning ‘upgrading’ to CS4; much as I love Adobe products, I hate their ‘upgrade merry-go-round’! Jeez, CS3 just came out in early ’07! We bought it in June of ’08 so that there would be supporting literature since Adobe no longer ships hardcopy user manuals. Now they’re on CS4 (and we’ve heard inside info they’re prepping for CS5!) Not gettin’ on the merry-go-round! I’ll probably run for CS5 or 6.

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      >>>”We use two pny GeoForce 8800GT’s 512MB overclocked cards and 8GB’s of SLI ready RAM. Renders for HD, Mographics and 3D flyby now. I wish I could have had this rig 5 years ago!”

      (2) 512MB 8800 GT’s sounds very practical compared to (1) 1.5TB Quadro CX. I’m very curious about the Quadro CX, heard great thingsbut I’d most definately need to give ita test drive and compare it to the GT’s before I shell $2K for a video card. I’m glad the dual GT’s are working for you…I’m almost postivethoseare the most recommended/practical video cards for editing.

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      lol….I said 1.5TB Quadro CX….I meant 1.5GB Quadro CX.

      Could you imagine a graphics card with 1.5TB of RAM! lol

      That would be like 3 Cray CX1 supercomputers!

      A Cray CX1 can hold 16 Quad processors and 512GB of Ram….lol

      Now that’s fast!

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      I’ll take a Cray as long as you pay the maintenance and electric bill! Jeez, in the NLE I described we’ve got a 700 watt power supply (because we didn’t want to pay for the electricity for a 1000w!) One thing even the macie’s always neglect in trying to win hearts and minds is the little detail of having an uninterrupted power supply (UPS, not postal service) to go with one’s high powered rig. You need a ups that’s 200w or higher than the computer (don’t forget the monitor(s)) to give you enough battery power to safely save and shutdown in a power outtage. Once you start getting past 600w those things get expensive!

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      A bit of a snag in some funds coming my way so I didn’t buy yet. It gives me more time to read and learn though, fortunately …. or is that unfortunately? 🙂

      Thank you so far to all that have given me info and I’ve been able to google some of what you’ve posted and learn more options.


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