new computer and now dark .avi files?

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      Yeah, that looks right for Windows Media Center. The plain XP link appears to be on the left of that page.

      However, it is really the job of your computer-builder-seller to have your machine properly setup and yours is definitely not setup properly. I have a special right to say these things as I owned several computer stores in the DFW area for well over a decade.

      This is one of the biggest reasons you should always buy from a local computer shop. If you had, you could just bring your computer to the shop, show them your problem and (if they’re good) they fix it while you wait. Even "in-home" repair by the big companies isn’t as good because they send just one tech. If he can’t figure it out or doesn’t have what he needs, then the machine has to go into the shop.

      Now, you have a dellema. If you proceed with an attempt to fix this yourself, even with just a driver change, you may risk voiding your warranty. But if you have to send it back to HP or whoever, you’ll probably not see your computer again for awhile and you may never see your data again because most of them claim the right to re-format your drives.

      I just thought of something else – Many builders only install Windows from the CD, they don’t go online and get all the lastest updates. I have my doubts as to whether a missed update could cause this problem, but I don’t know – you might try. They couldn’t void your warranty over a Windows update.

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      I have a new pc (HP Core 2 Duo, E6300, 2 gig RAM).

      I have calibrated my monitor and photos are spot-on.

      My video files (.avi files) are all dark and almost unwatchable. I just captured fresh video tonight and noticed it for the first time. I tried Pinnacle and then Nero and both have same darkness on-screen.
      I viewed old files that I know are not dark (at least not on my other computer). What could be wrong?

      p.s. When I watch a video from ITunes (or a video tutorial somewhere else on the Web), no darkness. It seems to be just my saved video clips.

      Thanks in advance for any advice and ideas!

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      Thank you so much. Hope you do not mind a follow-up.

      I have nVidia GeForce 7300 GS graphics card. I have driver (dated 8/11/06). I have XP Media Center. I went looking for an updated driver (never done this before). I found this site but not sure if it is the correct driver for my card:

      And, yes, the .avi files are dark in Windows Media Player as well as my Pinnacle and Nero.

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      Thanks so much for all your help. I did figure out that that was the most up to date driver. I followed the installation instructions and downloaded the new driver. Now my video is NOT dark any longer.

      But the updating removed my monitor .icc profile (made through Gretag Eye One Display 2) and replaced it with another.

      I want to re-calibrate my monitor with Gretag (for photo and printing), and I am wondering if I will then screw up some nVidea setting that controls my monitor’s video calibration?

      p.s. I downloaded the release notes but they are 100 pages long and I cannot find what I need to know there?

      Do you have any idea or advice? I cannot tell you how thankful I am for your continued help!

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      I went to my display properties advanced settings and selected the old .icc profile for my monitor. Voila. My monitor profile is back to my Gretag calibrated ICC profile and my video is no longer dark! Looks like your original post was correct. I just needed the latest video driver. Yep, my local guy who added the graphics card should have given me the latest driver. Oh well.

      Thanks so much!!!!! πŸ˜€

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