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      I am using Premeire pro to create an .avi which I converted/burned to DVD using Ulead moviefactory 2. I am using Sony 4x max DVD blanks. Problem is finished DVD plays great on 21″ tv’s and smaller, but on larger tv’s the picture gets very blurry when the camera pans. Looks great on larger tv’s when nothing in the picture moves.
      Again, avi looks great on my PC, and DVD looks good on small TV, but bad picture on larger TV. Additionally ending credits very framey as they slowly scroll up the screen on big tv’s.
      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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      I think your right about the compression schemes. I don’t know that much about compression schemes yet, but I tried rendering the video within Premeire and used the “best quality” setting, and now the video plays fine on all tv’s.
      Ulead does not let you choose compression schemes, and I like to have menus on the DVD which Premeire won’t let you do, so I think I may have to move up to abode Encore.
      Thanks for your help, Just one other thing. Does anybody know where I can learn more about compression schemes in general?


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      Moving up to Encore DVD would be your best thing. When you edit in Premiere, you can edit files in AVI form which take up less space on your hard drive and leave the Encoding settings on Automatic. Then when you import the files as assets in Adobe Encore and build your menus, etc. and go to build DVD the Encore software will automatically convert the files from AVI to MPEG-2 files which will give you the best quality on the DVD. AVI file are really designed for burning to CDR blanks as Video CDs not DVDs.
      Hope this helps, JD

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