New Canon XHA1 user – Advice on Editing Software & burning to DVD??

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      Hi there

      I am very new to this, bought a camera have shot some footage & havecaptured & edited it using WMM and burnt it to disc using Image Burn.

      The resulton playback on the DVDis very blurred & pixellated. Actually when captured on the computer its quite blurry also. As opposed to just through the TV, looks superb…

      I have Windows XP.

      My questions are:

      Is blurryness due to my hardware or software(or both)? I am considering getting Adobe Premier, but not certain.

      Any help would be appreciated!



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      Here’s the problem I’ve found, if you go with Premiere, there are generally NO classes in local schools which you can go to to learn how to use the product. So that means you have to educate yourself. If you’re up for that, then I’d say Premiere is good for you. It’s what I use and in combination with After Effects you can do some amazing things.

      Here’s a trick to remember – if you take one class at a local community college, then you can get the student discount which is AMAZING.

      Also there are tutorials on and a couple of great Premiere forums that will attempt to answer most of your questions.

      If I can do it then you can to.

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      I’ve had a few blurry moments too, learning how to use the XHA1, definitly not a point and shoot even in A mode. Check to see if your MF is on or off. If you can get clear footage in the Automatic modes, then you are good to experiment with Av Tv and the other goodies.

      I have used my camera with a variety of programs – decided to go with PPCS3 (at non academic price!) and am barely using the many features I know it has. Definity benefittted from Adobe Classroom in a book and tutes. I’ve had some trouble rendering to DVD using ENCORE CS3 (look up PGC errors in Adobe forums) but you have to expect some probs with software. Also had problems with Sonic andUlead VS11 so it’s not like Adobe is worse than others – sure is different though!

      I’d get that ‘blurry’ checked before doing anything else though. Garbage in – garbage out.

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      Hi Bruce

      Thanks for your response.When feeding through the tv filming looks spot on, but when captured on my computer it’s not looking anywhere near as good.. Then whenburnt onto a disc and viewed in that manner on the tv, it’s looking crap.(ie blurred & pixellated)

      I am just wondering before I go out and buy a you beaut editing programme whether its actually my notebook that has the issue…like whether I need to upgrade my PC, whethera HMDI card or some othergraphics card. It’s a HP 504MB of RAM about 3 years old.

      Just wondering how much money I have to throw at this to give it a go!



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      Thanks also Butterfly Guy….when I buy, will definitely take your advice!

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