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      Ok guys I am buying a new camera and I have a few I am looking at, i am stepping up from a regular camcorder to a semi-pro camcorder and i would like advice and opinions on the cameras i have narrowed it down to.

      The cameras i have decided on are based on reviews and feedback of others so i would like the feedback of this videomaker community.

      The type of film I will be shooting could be considered documentary style. Documentary/entertainment.

      I am also considering the HD cameras, i think i have one on my list here, tell me what you think of it. I have an HDTV, and i think more people will be getting it in the future, so HD appeals to me in the way of HDTV and that videos can also be downloaded in HD on the internet. So those are the benefits for now and the future. But I dont know if this HD camera is good or not.

      Here are all the cameras I am looking at:

      Canon GL2

      JVC GR-HD1

      Sony DCR-VX2100

      Panasonic AG-DVC30

      Sony Handycam HDR-HC1

      I would like a camera with interchangable lenses, ease of use, etc. I am not a PRO but hope to become one so I hope this camera I decide can help me.

      If there are some comparable cameras that you would reccomend that arent on my list please let me know.

      Just looking for some discussion and advice so just say whatever you want about the cameras, thanks for your help!

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      Ok I read the new post in this forum to help us looking for cameras but I was really basing this post on personal exerience and testimony from each of these cameras or what issues i should consider when choosing one camera over the other. I have narrowed it down and these are what Im looking at.

      All of these cameras are in the same price range, and like i said in my original post, I am going to be shooting some documentary style entertainment videos. Probably to be produced on DVD and downloadable on the internet. It is also iportant that the camera I choose performs well in low light conditions.

      Like i also asked, I was wondering if anyoen had used the HD camera I had on this list, and lastly, if anyu of these cameras dont have interchangable lenses, please let me know.

      Sorry if these questions get asked a lot, but this IS a video forum, and you guys ARE the ones i turn to to ask these types of questions, so I would appreciate your genuine help as a teacher to a student of video.


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      Ok I have read the videomaker reviews on top of several other reviews of the cameras i have found on their lists. I have narrowed my search down to 3 cameras. If you think i have overlooked any cameras please let me know. Like i said this camera will be used for shooting of a documentary/entertainment/reality DVD. lots of action, lots of low light, lots of indoors, and lots of outdoors.

      The JVC HD camera i have listed seems like a great deal for downloadable videos on the internet that will display naturally in HD on PC’s and still look good on regular TV’s and HDTV’s.

      One question about HD and HD editing in particular is the strain on my PC. will HD editing put a huge strain on my PC? more so than regular editing? This is something i have no knowledge about and would like to understand. Also i still dont know if this camera functions good in low light or has chanable lenses. I also heard this camera has distortion of colors of flesh tones and other colors… how is teh image quality in all conditions?


      CANON GL2

      i find nothing but good about this camera from professionals but from consumers i hear about problems about the tape deck chronically failing???? hasnt this hardware issue been fixed by 2006??

      how does this camera perform in low light? how expensive are other lenses?? supposedly hte image quality is awesome. even in low light?

      would you reccomend this camera as avidly as professionals do?

      Lastly, the Panasonic AG-DVC30

      reviews of this camera are outstanding. better than the GL2. Lots of pro features at a good price and accessible for starters and ametures. an awesome image quality, but does that transfer over to low light?

      this camera seems like the best out of the 3 left i am considering… what can you say to convince me that this is correct, or false? any first hand experience with this camera would be particularly helpful, because this is the main contender in my considerations for a new camera.

      it doesnt seem as main streem as teh canon but the list of features and positive marks for this camera are overwhelming.

      this is a chance for a large comprehensive open discussion on some popular cameras on this website so i am asking you to participate and educate me and fellow members. please help this section of the forum to get going and start talking about video and cameras, what we all do best.


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      please compare and contrast the 3 (GL2 / JVC GR-HD1 / Panasonic AG-DVC30) cameras in the context of a documentary/entartainment/real world environment. some low light, some fast action. image quality, ease of use, interchangable lenses.

      looking for help from pro to novice!

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      When comparing cameras, it may be darn near impossible to find people who have experience dealing with all the cameras you are trying to compare. Most of us have experience with one and may have set opinions about a particular manufacturer.

      I have experience with the dvc30 and have looked at a GL2. Over a year ago, I debated between the 2 — I ended up with the dvc30, because of the sturdiness, features and I was wary of the tape eject problem (not because of what I read, I experienced this firsthand with another canon camera). I love my dvc30 – if you do get it, I would suggest the optional xlr adapter for better audio.

      Neither the GL2 or DVC30 is exceptionally great at low light. If that is major concern, then I would go back and look at the vx2100. I think that will be a better bang for your buck, right there. I have had about 15 minutes of experience with it – personally, I do not like the way it is weighted when I hold it and it does not have xlr inputs.

      One of the other reasons I bought the dvc30 is that I planned on getting a second camera this year – the Panasonic DVX100b, which will allow me to share batteries and other accessories.

      You didn’t mention your budget, but if you are interested in HD, then you might want to look at the Sony A1U or the FX1. I am interested in HD, but I am going to wait a little while longer.

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      thanks for the help guys

      my price limit is about $2000, which all of these cameras fall into

      i was under the impression that the panny had a magnesium frame as well??

      and the GL2 and panasonic, neither have good low light performance?

      this is gonna be my main camera for a while.

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      ok guys i have pretty much narrowed it down to teh GL2 and the panasonic DV30.

      what is keeping me from getting one and reccomending the other?

      the review of the dv30 on speaks very well of this camera so i am leaning towards it.

      has anyone bought from

      their prices are really cheap so i was just wondering if anyone had used them. i had heard about soe of these sites being shady but this one seems alright.

      i found this price for a dv30 package

      list price for the camera itself on panasonic .com is $2500+

      advice is wanted

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      Before purchasing from anyone check out resellerratings. Camerapros doesn’t have many reviews, but none of them are good. I would stay away from them.

      B&H Photo is a repuatable seller. They currently have the dvc30 for 1,599 after rebate. The GL2 price is not posted, but when I asked for the price, it was 1,999 – after rebate would be 1,749.

      Personally, I would recommend the dvc30. You’ll be very satisified.

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      i have the same problem and looked at a few cameras myself. i dont know what you are going to use it for but the gl2 looks like a goor camera but has a high lux reading and the 2100 does not have xlr jacks something you might want to have. i recently went to B&H and wow they were a great help they wanted to know what i was going to use the camera for. i wanted to buy the sony dsr 250 and they talked me out of it into a sony pd170 which does the same kinda and 2k cheaper.

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