New camcorder with good low-light performance

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      Hi all.

      I’m new here, and could use a bit of advise.
      Looking for a new camcorder to release my old Sony DCR-PC120 wich refuses to eject the tapes, so I’ve put it up for retirement.
      It has performed pretty well over the years, but I would like something better now.
      My main concern is the performance in low or poor light, because I do a lot of video in "indoor riding arenas" (Don’t know the correct word, but you probaly understand what I mean…)
      Have been looking on the Sony HC7 and SR7, but also the Canon HV20 is in the ballpark… That might give you an idea of the price-range….
      Or should I rather see if I can find a Panasonic GS400, would that be a better choise ? I realize that it lacks HDV, but I could live with that, if the overall parformance is better than the new HDV camcorders.
      Any comments would be appreciated.

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      Is it so boring, that no-one wants to participate,
      or is there no experts here ?


      Regards, Kim

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      You might want to check-out, there’s many expert and experience camcorder users which will be able to answer your questions.

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      Sorry I didn’t notice your messge before. If you’re staying with standard definition, your best bet would be the Sony VX2100 (or the PD170, which is the pro version of that camecorder). If you’re going high defintion, you’ll have trouble finding a camcorder than does well in low light, unless you get into the very expensive models. Probably the least expensive model that does “OK” in low light would be the Canon XH-A1. If you can spend $6700, the Sony PMW-EX1 does very well in low light (but then, it’s a fully professional camcorder).

      Good luck,

      Ken Hull

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      Looking at camcorderinfo is a good suggestion. The Canon HV20 does good in low light, but that’s only when you;re in 24p mode from what I read. Consumer grade Canon’s have typically done worse in low light than Sony and Panasonic from what I read. I really don’t know if the HV20 is different. As you may know, the larger the CCD Chip, the better the low light performance (typically). Try to find one that uses a 1/3″ or 1/2″ chip. I have an older Sony DCR-HC96, which I have been happy with regarding low light. There was a Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas this month, so you should start seeing to camcorders from the major players in Feb & Mar.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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