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      Hello everyone,
      i am still in post production in my indie film, i have a couple of scene’s with logo’s in the background, that i still haven’t got clearance from, i have got clearance from most of my logos. But in one scene for instance the actors are playing pool, and it’s a bar, and you see bar lights in the background, of beer brands, electric lights. Do i have to take the logo’s out, reading the article it seems like it’s saying it’s ok? Can anyone help me out? It’s going to take time to take out these lights? thanks

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      I honestly don’t know much about the legality of your issue. If you have permission to film in the bar from the owner, I would think the signs would be legal under fair use.

      I’m also of the opinion that YOU should get money for any beer advertisment that happens to appear in your film. Not the other way around.

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      You need not cut around public point of sale.

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