New and dont know what camcorder to get!

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      Hi all!

      I am Flame Boi from Canada. I have been video editing for some time now but my recent camera just doesn’t produce the video that i want (as it is a camera meant for pictures not video)

      My dad has agreed for me to get a new camera but i have no idea where to start. If you guys(and girls) who are more experienced with this stuff can help me with selecting a camera then that would be great!

      I just have a few specifications i want for the camera:
      -I want it to store the video data on a memory card or a HDD(Hard disk Drive), so that i can upload them onto my computer and edit them.
      -The price is around $300-$450 dollars canadian.

      I’m going out this weekend with my dad to the store to look at the cameras, but i just want some background info before i go so i can see whats good and whats not. Those salesmen will say anything to get you to buy somethin! X-D
      Any info on this would be great also!

      Thanks! πŸ™‚ hopefully soon i will be able to show you guys some of my videos!

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      yea i was going to ask if there was a way for the Mini Dv tapes. But i guess you answered that already!

      Thanks Compusolver you’ve guided me greatly!

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