New 5D Short: The Super List (superhero theme)

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      Thanks for all your issues and training seminar. This movie is an accumulation of all the knowledge I have gained from you and others.

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      That was awesome! I love the transitions while he goes through the list, the angles are great, the DoF and lighting were all nicely handled. The story, directing and acting are excellent too. Goodness, I may be jealous! I’ve already sent to friends. Kudos to cast and crew.

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      Very well done. Quite watchable, good character development in the story an shot in a manner with no tech glitches that distract the viewer. Post was very good. Looks like you did some color finishing that ‘warmed’ up the overall look. My only suggestion is some tighter editing in spots that make the film ‘drag’ when you’ve got good momentum going. Again, very well done. Now go make another….

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      Thanks Bruce, appreciate your support and enthusiasm for the project. Glad you enjoyed it and also are sharing it. Cast and crew will be ecstatic to hear your post.

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      Thanks for taking the time to provide some constructive feedback, excellent points. Love the end…”now go make another…”. This is why I love Videomaker, not only do the members and Videomaker crew make me a better filmmaker every time I pick up the magazine or surf the site, you also continue to push our community to be great. Thanks

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      That was GOOD! I see you had a fairly large gang working with you – well done! OK, tech talk time!

      Was it done on a 5D? What cameras?

      Where did you get that fantastic sound track. It fit in so incredibly well. You do that from scratch or get audio tracks from somewhere?

      How did you capture the audio? Did you use sound effects, foley or was this all recorded on set?

      Did you use dollies, sliders, steadicams or what?

      Once again, most impressive!

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      First off, thank you David for checking out and commenting on the film. Appreciate your support. To answer your questions in order:

      • Camera:Canon 5D Mark II. Lens(Canons) 50mm 1.4, 24-70L 2.8 and 70-200L 2.8.
      • Soundtrack: Original music score by the talented William Gallego please visit his website if you want to hear more of his work or looking for a composer.
      • Audio/Sound Effects:Zoom H4n. Anders Johansson took care of all the foley and sound effects. Not everything was recorded on set.
      • Cranes/Dollies: Losmandy Porta-Jib,Glidetrack,
      • Other: Marshall monitor, Zacuto follow focus kit, Petroff matte box with ND filters(a must for out door shooting if you want to open up the iris. And of course, a lot of videomaker reading and attending their 2 day workshop in Newark, NJ around 4 years ago.

      Feel free to ask any other questions. Glad to return the support Videomaker has given me.

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      Nice work, are you going to continue this story line? Hollywood is out of ideas and this could develop into something really cool, maybe for a film festival or something.

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      That was great. I could only dream of doing work that good. Now I just need a camera. That one is getting Shared.

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      AvatarJennifer O’Rourke

      Hey, “Shoot at Will”. Shoot me an email, I’d love to feature your story in an upcoming blog. Well done!

      Jennifer O’Rourke, Managing Editor – Videomaker

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      Thanks Mr. Shultz. The writer, Adam Winston, has some great ideas for the rest of this story. Hope he shares them with the world one day.

      My good friend and fellow producer from my music video, Raymond Vargas, came to work on this project because, first I needed him, but then became in love with the story because of the choices and decisions that kids/young people make at this point in their lives. He sees this movie as a great vehicle for anti-bullying campaigns.

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