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      Hi, I am writing in from We have just launched our new site and all music is priced at $0.99 per track. We have over 35,000 track that are completely free from royalties worldwide. Each purchase gets you a customized license agreement to your name. Many of you many know us to have free royalty free music and sound effects. Our free music and sound effects selection still exists and more have been added to that selection as well – over 3000 tracks.

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      Has anyone used music from this site?

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      I like the idea, and I am trying to like the music, and I am sure someone has uses for it, but it all sounds like elevator music to me. Just my opinion.

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      I got a kick out of some of the titles in “Sounds Like Movies and TV”. That alone was worth a visit to the site.

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      Just checked out what you were talking about, I think. Though I only see volume 3? Some of that is not half bad. Wonder where the other volumes are, they do not show when I search.

      EDIT: Never mind, the search must have been acting up the first time.

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      Just ordered a JewelStick, and their online chat rep was extremely competent and helpful. I did an extensive preview of the music, and it was all top-notch. I am also a musician and do a lot of my own copositiions, but having a pool of music to draw from is priceless to me.

      Paul F.

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      Wish the poster had a spell-checker…meant to use “compositions”…

      Paul F.

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      I’m a bit curious about Paul F. coming onboard as a member, then a half-hour later finding THIS particular thread and posting a glowing review about the “top-notch” music on his “just ordered” JewelStick. Sounds curious, is all I’m sayin’.

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      Also, from reading their license agreement, it’s for non-commercial use only, FYI. It doesn’t appear to define “commercial” but I’m guessing weddings and DVD’s you sell are out.

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      Again, a good idea, but does this make it legal for weddings? The self promotion via pseudo account though kind of rubs me wrong.

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      Hey, EarlC:

      Not exactly sure why my post would be questionable… I am a member of the VideoMaker site, and clicked on the forum link from the email list that I subscribe to.

      I checked out the site, and was impressesed with their product. I usually purchase music through Footage Firm, but after previewing the music on their site I decided to order. After my transaction was completed, I had a question about how to download the files. The chat rep was very helpful and answered all my questions, though I did not plan to download the files until I got home from work.

      Around 8:00 PM last night, I got around to attempting the download. I needed some additional guidance, and once again the chat rep walked me through the process. These days, when I see a good product and get good service, I like to spread the word.

      I mostly use this type of music for my Animoto slideshows, and personal videos of the grandkidsand holiday functions. I really like the 15, 30, 60 and full versions of the music in MP3 and WAV format, which is similar to the items I have purchased from Footage Firm.

      I am not actually endorsing either Footage Firm or JewelBeat, but I have had good experiences with both of them. However, I do soundly endorse Videomaker with its seemingly endless wealth of resources available to users.


      Paul F.

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      Says member since March 2010, I guess I just took the post for what it was worth. Sorry!

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      OK, curious, not “questionable” as this is your ONLY post/response in more than a year. That in and of itself is not a bad thing. A LOT of members simply read here and get the GREAT information that Videomaker participants try to provide … and sometimes there’s a bit of stuff to laugh with, or at, critique and simply just enjoy and appreciate even if it isn’t exactly on topic. That’s all good as well.

      Sorry for the poorly aimed jab. It is a bit off-putting when a NEW member (like this post originator) comes on and her/his first post is a blatant commercial. The Videomaker forums guidelines state that this is not a desired approach to use of the forum, and some moderators go even further in believing that new members coming on and immediately advertising are taking advantage of the community, exploiting rather than contributing as a real community member. Videomaker offers advertising for those wanting to ONLY advertise.

      I CAN see why they do it, because it works if they can get away with it … even for a day or three. You posted that you purchased their product AND gave them a glowing endorsement. Not bad for a commercial company exploiting a wonderfully busy and open forum of people who use the products they hawk. And why hasn’t the original poster come back on with a reply to any of the responses here? Just saying …

Viewing 12 reply threads
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