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      I work at a magazine publishing company and 3 of us are editing video. We are trying to find a solution with us and our IS department regarding a server system that would allow us to work on seperate workstations and be able to access files from a central location without having to copy and re-link files and re-render. Another issue is how to have a disaster recovery/back-up system in place.

      If anyone could shine some light on what industry professionals are doing that would be great!


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      you need to set up a server where the source files will be located and map the server drive to the same “drive location” on the workstations so that when you are working at any station, you have a common location for source files.

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      As Johnboy stated, you need a SAN.

      You can connect your compters to the SAN via ethernet or fiber channel. Ethernet is MUCH cheaper, but if your computer doesn’t have a good ethernet card, it may be problematic when working with HD. And when I say cheaper, I’m talking like, $30K for an ethernet SAN vs $70K+ for a fiber SAN.

      A SAN is something that requires the hiring of a professional for installation and set up. Things will go horribly wrong if you try to set it up on your own and learn as you go, and it will be a complete waste of money

      As for back up, LTO tape is a great option, however, initially it is not cheap. About $10,000 to set up, but then only $50 for an LTO-5 cartridge, which holds 1.5TB. Every piece of media that you put on the SAN should be backed up onto at least 2 LTO cartridges; on cartridge stays at your facility, the other goes somewhere off site incase a fire takes place at work or something.

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      Thanks for your input guys! I appreciate it.

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