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      Basically I have maybe ten sequences all have been snipped top and bottom, plenty of breathing room for the tranitions. When I drop them into a final sequence I get a small brown/red thingy in the upper left corner of the clip sequence. I can only insert transition on one side or the other of the clip? I have been searching the web for hours on this? Any help..manual says nothing.

      Thanks, Harry

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      What editing program are you using???

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      Is the new sequence the same using the settings of the others? In CS5 you can have diff settings per sequence.

      Does it do the same thing with only two nested files? Maybe it’s one sequence in particular

      Does it do the all transitions? Maybe its the transition type, maybe transition needs to be trimmed?

      I’ve never had that occur to me. I use PPro CS3

      Of course, the option remains to render out the sequences and then try again. (sort of defeats the feature though!)

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      sorry for the lack of info, I was frustrated to say the least…CS5 – premiere. avchd hd files. Plenty of computer power. 12 gig ram. situation as follows.

      Im doing a skills video for girls sofball pitching. I have maybe ten diff. pitches. each one on its own sequence with title,no fades on intro or tails, intro tight to left corner.I placed all ten on a final sequence to add fade to black on each sequence break. each clip has several minutes on intro and tail from original clip. when I go to add an audio transition it only goes to one side of clip no matter how I trim and move original. it doesnt seem to be updating sequence either when i return to original clip to add space on ends? is there a trick to get sequences to update? sorry to ramble…I did find a work around but still doesnt work on all seqs.

      I made a fast fade to black .10 second, same with audio and made them default and selected all seqs. it worked somewhat but still got the error “some clips will have repeated frames”..

      I found a demo video on sequences and it said to do exactly what I did and when instructor placed a fade to black it went to one side also..he said “premiere will only let me do one side” and left it at that to move on..I think it was still on both clips but showing up on one side..

      thanks for any suggestions. Harry

      link here

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      I can confirm audio and video transitions are one sided – I usually fade to black at the end of a sequence and in nesting don’t need a crossfade – but I just did it and it worked ok.

      Also, after I nested three sequences I went to one of the original sequences and added black video, switched to my nest and it was there. No saving or updating need. I use CS3 but I bet CS5 doesn’t differ there.

      I imagine the work around is rendering and creating a sequence with all your 10 renders.

      The repeated frame error is related to your transition being longer than the file overlap. That’s weird because, the way you describe it, the overlap is taken into account. I have no other suggestions other than to make sure your nested sequence has the same settings as the other 10.Oh, and that all the files are the same frame rate.

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      when your one sided transitions occur is there black fade on both sequences? even though it shows one side? The big issue is audio. I am trying to do audiocrossfades as the wind was kicking and some of the clips click during edits. I dont want to fade audio, just crossfade. I”ll play some more tonight..thanks for the reply.

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      Yes it does seem to fade in and out in the nest. I never questioned that before!

      As for audio fades, I really don’t think PPro handles that very well because it picks up ‘stuff’ from the file that you can’t see on the audio line, I usually do the audio fades manually or in soundbooth.

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      More research…seems that when you put clips in a sequence even though the clip has heads and tails, When that sequence is nested the sequence does not have heads and tails? It has to be dragged into the editor and made to have “handles” at least thats what I have gathered so far. I will confirm this evening.

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      I actually had to look up what nesting was and found this tutorial about it which may help.

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