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      I have successfully edited together and burned a few DVDs using nero 4 essentials.
      I recently imported a few titles from various other DVDs and the program warned me that i had too much info and that it might not work properly. However that was b4 i had edited most of it out so i assumed it wouldn’t be a problem by the time i got to the finishing stage.
      However when i get to the stage where you select a title page background etc at the top left hand corner where it says ‘select a menu’ in my other projects it simply says ‘title 1’ and works fine. But in this particular project it says ‘main menu’ which means that the huge pre-edited titles are selected for burning. You can click on it and get a drop down to the ‘title 1’ menu that i want. But still when it actually comes to the burn stage it trys to burn all the pre-edited stuff.

      Any help much appreciated


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