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      I am looking for a new HD consumer camcorder (I would really like to buy a sony FX7 or the Canon XH-A1 but these are out of my current price range).

      Mostly I take family videos but I have started doing some sports videos for friends kids to send off to coaches in college, worked with other parents to produce highlight videos of my kids sports teams, a couple comedy club videos of the performers (and even sold a few along the way!).

      I have been eyeing the Panasonic HDC-SD100K. The ability to record on SD cards really excites me (my most recent HDD camcorder had the hard drive crap out on me) along with the mic input and headphone output. I also really like the manual ring on this one that lets you control focus,exposure or zoom vs doing those things on a touch screen menu.

      I would like a camera that has 24P mode (this one does not) but thats not a deal breaker.

      Do you folks think this cam would be a good all-around-good shooter or do you have any suggestions?

      I would like to stay in the sub $750.00 price range.


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      If you want to read up on some reviews and comparisons on cameras the following sight does what I think is a fair assessment of the available cameras

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