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      Hi everyone, just arrive to this forum hoping you can help me out. I will try to explain my problem as well as i can as i am spanish and my english may lead to confusion.

      i am a motorbike rider who enters trackdays every time i can afford it, recently i bought a sony dv camera and a bullet cam to record my sessions. the outcome is great but i would like to take it a bit further and edit the footage.

      my question is: i would like to include a chronometer in the screen so that whilst in a lap i can see the times i am doing. the idea is to start the chronometer each time i past the white line and at the end of the lap to show the lap time whilst the chrono starts from cero again.

      actually i use pinnacle studio 9.4 as it is the only software know how to use. i’ve tried premier but cant understand it.

      so is this possible to be done????

      thanks very much to everyone.

      regards from spain !!

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      Hola compusolver !!

      thanks a lot for taking the time answering my post.

      i thought of that and what i tried is: i downloaded a chronometer program for pc and a screen video capture program. what i did is record the chronometer and create a video so that then i could add it as a windows with pinnacle, but it seems not to work, and the result does not look very proffesional.

      any other suggestion anyone? maybe in another editing program? i am willing to learn how to use another editing program if it is possible to do this.

      thanks a lot !!

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      once again thanks a lot compusolver for your answer.

      answering your questions, i dont thing there is a lot of market on selling this short of videos.

      the bullet cam i use is this one i am currently using pack 4 camera.

      going back to my question, i am still stack (sp?) i have been trying to use timecode FX in sony vegas but when rendering the timecode display does not appear, as well as not being able to reset it to cero each time i cross finish line.

      hopefully someone has already done this and will be able to help me. my next trackday is on the 15 of october and would like to know by then how to do this to be able to edit the footage as soon as possible to send it to my trackday friends.

      thanks !!!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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