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      Most of us on these forums, take editing seriously, so we have dedicated desktop PCs or Macs and modern gear that allows for firewire connections as well as accepting analog inputs through our digital camcorders. Therefore, finding someone who is using a laptop for direct capture of analog video is not as likely as you might think.

      Having said that, let me take a stab at it –

      Do you own a digital camcorder? If so, it may have analog inputs (RCA jacks) that would allow you to connect an analog video device (VCR, etc.) through the camera and capture using the video camera’s firewire connection. If your laptop does not have firewire, you can purchase a PCMCIA card for that purpose.

      If your answer to the above question was negative, then you need to look at something like the Dazzle, or (if you had a desktop PC) Pinnacle’s Studio 10 with DC10 PCI capture card. I have used the latter and it works just fine.

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      I’M NEW TO THE FORUM AND EDITING ON A COMPUTER. We just bought a dell laptop and would like to edit our analog tapes. I looked a the dazzle but I’m just unsure. I have a Sony Handycam pc101, that takes the digital video cassettes. I would really like some help before I start spending money πŸ˜€
      Thanks Doc

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      You can use a laptop just fine. Provided that your laptop has a firewire connection and 7200 rpm drives (although I highly recommend that you don’t capture to the same drive the operating system is on), you can get a canopus advc 110 converter, just plug it up and start capturing and editing in your NLE of choice. Sony’s Vegas programs are great, stable, and don’t need too much from the system other than a little ram and a good processor.

      Good Luck


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