Need yearbook background for DVD menu.

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      I am making a video yearbook and I need an open book to place pictures on for my background yearbook page for my
      DVD menu where i will have a picture of each student that they can
      click on to see there segment. Does anyone know where I can get this?
      Thanks for any help

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      There are a number of ways to get images for private use (if you’re not distsributing or selling)… You can do a web search for free backgrounds or use a simple image search engine.

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      Why don’t you just create the background yourself.

      A camera some photoshop (or the Gimp) and you’ll have a nice background that looks like a book

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      We do a number of graduation related productions from grad nights to parties, to ceremonies to asssemblies. I all our dealings with our high school, even middle-school clients, part of our production compliance calls for access to either a comped copy, or a loaner. Often we get a copy that was not “sellable” due to imperfections, but that meets our graphics requirements with no problem.

      On the occasion that we simply cannot get ahold of a current copy of the actual school’s yearbook publication, we have often found usable yearbook prop/graphic materials are our local public, or school libraries, available for loan.

      Lastly, do a Google search for yearbook publishing companies in your area. Many of these have scads of old, out-dated, damaged or returned products sitting around their storage areas. You could get lucky and find for free exactly what you are looking for, representative of a printed publication for your video yearbook.

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      If you plan to sell any of these, make sure you use royalty free images – There are many free royalty-free image sites out there (do a google search) or you can purchase libraries (Digitasl Juice has photos available in their original Editors Toolkits 1 & 2 and Presenter’s Toolkit – I don’t know if they have any of these left so you’d have to call them) or you can use some of their very nice graphics in their JuiceDrops collections (look at

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      R U SURE you’re not on the digital juice payroll birdcat? 🙂

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      Hey Earl –

      I know it seems that way at times. I don’t work for them but have a huge stake in their products, owing over 300 of them ( I find they make my job sooooo much easier and for the money, I think they give the best value you can find. I’ve also met many of their employees who are really great folks.

      For example, I purchased all three VideoTraxx libraries before they were retired for less than $200 each – Each one has over 30 DVD’s filled with thousands of video clips I can (and have) used – In fact, I see them used on TV almost daily. They are currently clearing out their older stuff with some offerings going for as little as $3.95 each – Stuff that originally went for $99 or more!

      So while I tout them often, I think you’ll find others here who use DJ products on a regular basis.

      And as I’ve said, I cannot recommend them any more highly – especially at these prices!

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      Hi !
      I’ve just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thanks.


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