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      I work in the IT department for an Accounting firm. More and more we are filming trainings and presentations. Up until now I have been using my personal little camcorder, but, now I would like to purchase one for the firm and would love some advise.

      It needs to have firewire or usb connectivity so we can do live broadcasts via Live Meeting. I would like to dive into tapeless in order to reduce capture time, but, I am concerned about editability through Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. I’ve read horror stories. I’m looking for something in the $1500 to $2000 range.

      Can someone please offer me some advice or steer me in the right direction. I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have as I’m sure I’m not supplied all the pernant details.


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      This for the most part is the standard ‘What Camera Should I Buy?’ question we constantly get. Far as that question goes, feel free to dig around in the forum posts and the free video tutorials because that question already has a ton of great answers.

      Concerning going into tapeless and potential editing software, you’re already ahead of the game as you know what sort of connectivity you need. I would forgo a camera with a USB connection as it is far too slow to do direct editing with when necessary (if you must use tape.) However, doing direct streaming USB is ‘okay’ (firewire’s better.) You’re best bet is to start the search for a camera at outfits like B&H Photo-Video, Adorama or Calumet. You can find them online and search their catalogs for cameras in your price range. Those companies also have corporate services so you may be able to setup an account with any of them easily for your firm and make purchases directly.

      Far as editing software goes, you being a novice my advice is to stand clear of CS5. It’s a heavy-duty software suite and that big sign behind it says “Deep-End For Experienced Swimmers Only”. A much better program for your level and needs is Sony’s ‘Vegas Movie Studio Platinum’. Quite a bit of functionality that won’t be so difficult for you to learn and basic enough for you to get started working quickly. You can get the software directly from Sony, B&H or any number of outlets.

      The main thing for you to remember is; though you will initially be using consumer grade gear and software, don’t purchase it from a consumer grade outfit like Best Buy and the like. You’re doing this for a professional endeavor, so get what you need from professional equipment sellers. It will save you money and the customer service will be much better!

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      Hi Corey.

      There are a lot of choices, depending on your budget, portability, output, etc.

      I would like to suggest this one first.. Because I like ti… πŸ˜›

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      I’m not having any issues with CS5 and any tapeless media. If you are used to Adobe, I wouldn’t worry about it unless your system spec’s are not up to snuff.

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      If it’s any newer version of software it should support AVCHD.

      My 2.3ghz core2duoedits flawlessly (1.4fps, but that’s playing back 1080p60 footage)

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