Need Tripod for HVR HD1000u

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      Newbie here needs some advice. I just purchased the HVR HD1000u and am looking to spend in the 150-200 dollar range for a tripod. I see a fluid head is the way to go, but other than that, I need some pro advice. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Second question – Can I get a tripod with a controller at that price range and is it really necessary? Thanks in advance for any input.

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      Hi mvaz, I’m a relative newbie myself and have recently purchased the Manfrotto 525mvb with a Manfrotto 501 hdv head and a 521 controller. I must say that so far I am very happy with all three. I’m now on the lookout for a fold away platform of about a metre square with a 300 to 400 mm rise to give me that extra height necessary when doing crowd scenes/ sporting events or live music gigs so that I’m well clear of peoples heads getting in the way of my footage.

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      A good fluid head and tripod for under $200, if you find one please post back here where you found it.

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      Nice to see this,,maybe not

      I bought a MB 190XB with a 501 fluid head for my camera. This model was suggested on a couple other forums. My camera weighs 5.5 lbs and with other things that might be added to it would be a max of 7.5 lbs total.

      After reading some of these posts I fear my legs are too small. It says this setup is for a camera up to 7.5 lbs. I thought it would be ok. Most of the others are saying models with multi legs. The one I now have is single legs only.

      My camera is the Pan AG-HVX200A

      What do you guys think about this tripod?

      Now I am getting nervous


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      A SOLID and SUBSTANTIAL tripod is going to run $500 and up. There are some perfetly acceptable systems for less, say between $250 and $300, but there WILL be limitations in either strength, mobility, support, pan/tilt dampening, etc. You’ll just have to decide what you are willing to compromise on, knowing that you might one day see your camcorder take a nosedive and lose its lens.

      Don’t laugh, saw a guy with an ENG rig, popping around with one of those Miller (relatively expensive) composite units like he was nobody’s business. Left it alone for a second while he strutted into everyone else’s shot and…

      …what was that noise? Oops! Job over, no backup, probably blamed it on “some yayhoo nosy eyeballer in the crowd,” but WE knew what happened. Too heavy camera, too light rig, even though strong, and tilt.

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      ?Earlc what do you think about the setup I have now. It was almost 300.00 for the setup. The fluid head seems fine. May not be the best with adjust when it comes to setting the friction/speed of panning. Other than that it seems fine. The tripod itself seems sturdy but it has only single legs and the tripods most are talking about have multi legs.

      This is what I have.

      Please any suggestions will be appreciated. As you say you have seen much. I have not. I rather know now then wait until after it sails away.

      I did order the spreader for it(ground level) and a sand bag. That should help.

      I will get a better one when after I get a few bucks together. Just need to know if I am flirting with disaster with this or if it will do the job for a while.

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      I bought a Davis and Sanford fluid head tripod through Amazon it has a Fm 18 fluid head plus for an extra 30 bucks a three wheeled dolly to boot all for the price of 240.00 dollars

      I reall like the tripod one of the nicer tripods I have ever used

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      x2 on the Davis Sanford. I have two of them, they are solid as a rock, pan smoothly, and survive being carted around to my gigs. They have a professional look to them also, like you mean business.

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      They have some killer tripods at Vistek in Toronto! But they also have a boom with weights for the same price, $600 – $800. But with Vistek you can lease to a dollar, so the monthly expense isn’t that bad, and because it’s a lease it’s all tax deductable instead of buying and depreciating.

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      Although a budget solution, Best Buy carries a nice tripod for about 100 dollars (last time I looked) that has a relatively smooth head. It works fine as long as you treat it well.

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      I bought a Vinten with fluid head for my DX-100 Panasonic which I like very much.
      Cost about $ 470


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      amateurs are raving about this $60 tripod, the Velbon Videomate 607
      I had a cheapo travel tripod…it fell over and broke
      I went and got a Davis & Sanford for around $400 or somesuch
      like Earl said, expect to pay mucho for anything substantial…the tripod may easily cost more than your camera

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