Need to video tape something im doin on the computer

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      Alright this is most likely a very amatuerish question but im an amatuer so here it goes… I need to film something that involves something that happens on the computer and when i try it i run into the usual problem of lines on the screen im sure you all know why this happens, i dont but thats not what i need to know, i need to know how to get around it. so is there a simple way, i have a Panasonic GS12, and Pinnacle Studio 9 editing software. help would be appreciated

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      The way people capture what’s happening on the computer is not by filming the screen with a video camera, but by using a program that captures as a video file the movement on the screen. There are several freeware programs that can do this, but some you have to pay for. I don’t know of any but they are out there. I do know that Camtasia Studio is a popular one…

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      A great way to get rid of those lines or flickering screen when shooting a monitor is to adjust the shutter speed on your camcorder.

      1. Frame a shot of the computer screen
      2. Start with the camera set to 0dB gain and auto shutter
      3. Use auto iris to get the correct exposure
      4. Once you are happy with the exposure press the iris button so, the camera is now in manual iris.
      5. VERY SLOWLY tilt the camera up, then down, until you see the flickering on the computer screen disappear.
      6. Once the screen has completely stopped flickering – press the shutter button IMMEDIATELY.
      7. Going into manual shutter mode – holds the correct shutter speed.
      8. Done!

      Here are some screen recording/capturing utilities if you need them:

      And here:

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      Easiest yet, shoot an LCD screen. It’s refresh rate is so high that you won’t have a conflict with the scan rate.

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