Need to purchase either a GL2 or HD1000u

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      I have to buy a new camera soon, and now that it has been out a while, I am considering a HVR-HD1000U I am a weekend warrior who shoots events. My weddings and Bar Mitzvahs are low end, with my packages around $650.00 I have always shot with a GL2, and have been very happy with the quality So the question is this…

      Is it better to get a three chip GL2 or a single chip HD1000U? I always go with sufficient light to the receptions, but the services may be under-lit. I edit with Final Cut Express HD. I am going to make the purchase at the end of this month

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      I can only see 2 reasons to switch to the HD1000:

      1. You want to shoot in hi-def.

      2. You want to impress clients with a big pro-like camcorder.

      Unless your clients are asking for hi-def, I’d stick with the GL2 for now. It has more controls than the HD1000, to allow you to get more professional results. If you want to get into hi-def now, look at the Sony FX7, or maybe the Canon HV20 (or soon-to-be-released HV30).

      If you just want to impress clients with a big pro-style camcorder, and don’t need hi-def, see if you can find a Panasonic DVC60 (discontinued about 1/2 year ago). Or you could go with their DVC20 (a current model, but not as versatile as the DVC60).

      Another possibility is to get a Sony VX2100 (or the pro-version, a PD170). Both of these standard-def camcorders are popular with event videographers because of their great low-light performance.


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      I’ve shot with a GL-2 since it came out. It is a great camera. However, the future is HD and if you are going to spend big bucks on a new camera, why would you want SD. I recommend you be patient and wait and save up more money to purchase a 3 CCD HD camera. There are plenty of good ones to choose from. I saved up for a JVC HD100U and am totally pleased and will be able to use it for years.

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