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      Im looking for an efficient way to make copies of non-copyrighted vhs tapes and dvds.I work in a law library and can only make copies whileI am there.I know that VHS tapes must be recorded in realtime with DVD/VCR recorders, but I am wondering if there is a way to create or use a system that will combine all my needs into one unit. Since VHS is recorded in realtime, I would preferably like to have the option of using 2 or more vhs to dvd (or hd) recorders at a time. Is this possible?What about using vhs camcorders?I like this because they come with lcd screens that can help me cue up the video i need to replicate. Can they be connected to a burner or standalone burner? Are there any ideas. My budget is also somwhat limited, for now, until i can get this rolling.

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