need to know what the best camera is

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      alright, this sounds retarded and everything. and a standart noob question.
      in fact i have been editing alot. not only film editing also alot of photoshop,flash,after effects and alot more. now me and my brother have some plans build up. but it also includes a camera from a budget around 10.000 euro.

      The kind of work we want to do with the camera is:

      -Movies(with actors etc)

      i cant really come up with subjects while i’m typing this hehe,
      but i also want to make my own stuff, as in funny skits,spoofs,and my own scripts.

      if someone could paste some kind of information where to do what, and to check up what kind of
      camera’s, and tell me what is what. i’l appreciate it.

      (if my english is bad, i’m sorry for that)

      -Rebaz Talei

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      “now me and my brother have some plans build up. but it also includes a camera from a budget around 10.000 euro.”

      Could you translate that to U.S. dollar? Euros haven’t entered my vocabulary until months after I joined this forum. I do know, however, that the measure of a single Euro is greater than that of a U.S. dollar. Is 10.000 a typo? Do you mean 10,000?

      Anyway, I still don’t quite understand the amount relationship between Euro and U.S. dollar. From what I read, it looks like you are a beginner or serious amateur staring down the hole of professional video – I am too. At our level, I probably wouldn’t aim at a budget that high. It looks like your budget is higher than 10,000 U.S. dollars.

      Have you considered the JVC GY-HM700? It record full HD (1920×1080) to Solid State memory for 6,495 dollars. Weighing eight pounds, it probably isn’t the best camcorder to be constantly walking around with – the nature that it is shoulder-mounted, however, helps some.

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      If I had a big budget I might look at getting a couple cameras at lower prices each. the AG-hmc40 is wicked cheap comparatively and convenient and light

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      i made several video’s with crappy camera’s, but this time i’m going for a expensive camera.
      i have only had good feedback since my first vid, but i know that its shitty quality, and my work sucks.

      also, 10.000 euro is probaly 14/15.000 US dollars.

      i checked some stuff of the PMW-EX3, i might be very retarded for not reading enough info, or is there no HDD build in that camera? i have also looked up some info up for the “letus-EX3”.

      i see alot of buttons, but honestly, most stuff i see on tutorials, i really dont know what it is.

      the Letus PMW EX3ultimate is actually the only that has attracted my attention, i bet there is none other like that right? or does the letus relay/adapter create the whole moviegodlike effect?

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      From what I’ve read in your post, it sounds like you’ve been in the production business years ago, who might have trouble getting the right view in mind on the best camcorder of today. The camcorder you’re looking at, Sony PMW-EX3, is a Solid State (or rather a “Flash Memory” camcorder that takes memory cards) – people like tacking the word “Hard Drive” on to the name.

      From the looks of it, the PMW-EX3 looks like one of Sony’s best camcorders of all time. It’s definitely for the pro who is really serious about getting outstanding picture performance, featuring three 1/2″ CMOS sensors. It also has a wide array of manual controls for the ideal professional.

      “i see alot of buttons, but honestly, most stuff i see on tutorials, i really dont know what it is.”

      You’ll definitely need to rack up more information by reading the manual. The retail value for the Sony PMW-EX3 is $13,000. Here’s a better deal for around $10,000.

      Also, check out Videomaker’s Pro Camcorder Buyer’s Guide. At a budget of $14,000, you probably won’t be disappointed with your potential of purchasing camcorder equipment.

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      thanks for the information, i appreciate it.
      well i figured it out how the camera should be like, but i still dont know
      where all the buttons are made for, i guess i’l go by a store some day with my
      brother to check up some info about what all the buttons can do besides the obvious ones.

      before i’m done, can you shortly explain what “1/2” CMOS sensors.”is?
      (or maybe its because i lack some english that i dont understand it)
      or just send a link of a good guide/manuel about that kind of stuff.
      cause i get alot of other bullshit when i look it up, thanks alot.


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      “before i’m done, can you shortly explain what 1/2″ CMOS sensors. is??”

      1/2″ is the measure of the camera’s sensor (in inches). In this case, it has three 1/2″ CMOS sensors. 1/2″ is exceptionally large for a sensor size. Having three sensors this big, you probably won’t be disappointed with the resulting quality and low light performance. Here is an article that explains the general characteristics:

      P.S. If you don’t watch your language well on this forum, your post may be removed, or possibly your account banned from these forums. Ok, nothing critical here, but if the moderators catch anything, there’s a change that you’ll get kicked off, or at the least have your post deleted.

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