Need to find camcorder for coaching athletes with video.

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      I am new to digital video, and I cannot decide whether to buy a miniDV camera or a Hard Drive camera. I hope someone will have some good advice for me.

      Here is how I wish to use the camera that I will buy. Aside from the basic family events, I will use it to film sports events for the purpose of performance enhancement and coaching athletes. I want to be able to cut specific clips of the action and string together highlights so athletes can view themselves. I may wish to put in some captions or pointers to show what body parts are in good or bad position. I may want to produce slow motion. I will want to burn final product to DVD for easy viewing by the athlete.

      I like the idea of a hard drive camcorder because of the apparent ease of transfer to PC and big storage without tapes, but I read that this MPEG compressed video is hard to edit.

      By edit, do we mean just simple clipping or adding effects? I really just want to clip and maybe ad some graphics.

      Can you advise. My take is that I am better off with miniDV as it affords the most flexibility. Any particular camera models?

      What do you think? Thank you in advance for your time.

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      Hi Sportsman,

      The hard drive camcorders will surely allow you to shoot longer games without stopping. This advantage shows when, if you use a DV camcorder with a bottom-loading tape carriage, you have to take your tripod plate off your camcorder to swap tapes.

      MPEG-2 compressed video found in many new camcorders is not harder to edit, in our opinion, but it is a bit different. The main difference is that it’s not "frame accurate", the video frames rely on surrounding frames to form the picture. So, showing off the athletes moves in a frame-by-frame slow-mo recap will be more difficult than using DV video. MPEG-2 also requires more from your computer when you edit and add effects.

      -Videomaker staff

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      Thanks Hank and chicoab3! I learn more everytime I read the various topics, and I appreciate your posts in reply to my question.

      I spoke with a neighbor of mine who is in the video/media production business, and he indicates that I am better off using a miniDV format due to compression issues and having to re-render and potential software issues, etc. So, I guess I will stick with the industry standard and keep it simple by going with a solid miniDV camera.

      Take care and thanks again for your time.


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