Need to create blueray loop playback of photos video

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      I recently bought Vegas Pro8. to extend the range of features I can include in videos.

      I called SOny the other day and got some fast taking chic from India that… nuff said.

      All I want to do is create a video of still photos I have taken, but I want the video to Loop.

      I energized the Loop playback in Vegas, but evidently it has more to do with the type DVD media I use.

      Anyway, I am using a Sony Blue Ray player for the disk and it won’t play as a loop.

      I really need to do this, so I’d appreciate any suggestions, ideas or links.


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      I use DVD Studio Pro, which is the DVD authoring program within Final Cut Studio. If your DVD authoring program is anything like DVD Studio Pro, there will be an option for “end jump,” which basically tells the DVD player where to go once it is finished playing the video track. You should set the end jump to that same video track.

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      I have a Vegas Pro 8.0, A movie Studio Platinum 9.0, a DVD Architect 4.5 – I don’t have other software,except the movie make thing on Vista.

      I’ve got this friend thatis on my caseaboutmakinga video for him that loop/playback repeats. He wants to run it all the time in his store.

      It’s a freebie, good buddy project.

      If someone has got some links or something I can workwith to get this done I’d sure appreciate it.Pleasehelp,I’ve been all over the web and even called SONY.

      I got one of those sing-song Indians on the phone. I couldn’t understand her to save my life, and when she escalatedmy question the second support person was evenworse.

      I wonder if Sony and companies like that have any idea of how people justgive up and find some other way to get the information they need.

      Sonysupport sucks on every darn product I’ve ever inquired. Recently, they were stupid enough to send me a survey on what I thought. The questions were loaded of course, so it was a waste of timeto respond. I felt like an idiot after I completing that thing. LOL


      It’snot just Sony it’s Hewlett Packard it’severy other cheapo out there.THey companies are so stuck on saving money they don’t realize howbad people are put off by the third world support.


      I’ve googled heck out of this.Don’t you find it interesting howlousy the Google search has become. If you type in themodel number of your camcorderfor any type of question about the product or problems all you get is dozens of google search pages of people trying to sell you the camcorder.

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      Well… I got it figured out, using Sony DVD Architect.

      The problem with being extremely busy… you don’t have time for reading documents and manuals, especially those that aren’t very good any way.

      I worked through by reading the help files, by searching and reading everything that related to looping in Sony DVD architect.

      I screwed the pooch a few times, but finally got the thing to do what I wanted.

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      One thing I should say… the max size to burn with Sony DVD architect 4.5 appears to be 720×480 wide a along way from HD 1920×1080.

      So making DVDs that are HD 1920×1080 for Blue Ray still have to be made inside Vegas 8 or MovieStudio 9

      I have some very excellent HD video on Blue Ray, but can’t get the looping to work on the DVD.

      When I figure this out I’ll post it.

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      Check out DVDA 5. As far as looping, can’t you just set the end action of the clip to play at the beginning?


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