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      I figured out how to configure my graphics card. I want to choose the best options possible. I’ll look into it myself, but does anyone know what options are the best?

      I don’t have anything like NVIDIA Quadro, just a plain ol’ Intel Extreme graphics card with very few options that automatically came with my Dell Inspiron 1100 laptop. Still, something is better than nothing and I’m sure there is a best set of options I can pick to improve my performance with my software.

      Thanks in advance! Even a site to go to to learn more is Highly Appreciated. Chris

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      What card came with your laptop? Are you unable to set preferences by right-clicking in from the desktop?

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      Thanks for replying!Here’s more info:

      Computer: Dell Inspiron 1100 (laptop)

      Graphics: Intel(R) ExtremeGraphics Driver (Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV)

      After my looking at it more, I’m not even sure this is hardware. It might just be software that’s part of Windows XP, whichI could supplement with more software.

      What do you think?

      And yes, I can change the optionsby right-clickingthe desktop. Does that help you answer my question?

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      OK, here is more info I got on my own.

      My graphics ‘card’ is:

      845G Chipset Family

      Memory Controller: 82845G/GE/GL/GV

      I/O Controller: 82801DB(ICH4)

      Integrated Graphics: 82845 Controller

      I also discovered on the Intel website that support for this was discontinuedSeptember 30,2005!

      This shows how old this thing really is. Hmm. I’ll keep looking.

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