Need tips on shooing flower arrangements

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      I could sure use some tips on shooting flower arrangements.

      Greenscreenis out that’s sure. LOL

      Anyway, I found a flexible popout background thing at tubetape that looks pretty good.

      It is blackand white reversible.

      Black backgrounds may be fine, but for pictures on the web I’m not so sure itlooks up-beat enough.

      So… I’m wondering ifwhite backgrounds would be a best go.

      Mostfloral and flower sites do seem to use white backgrounds, especially when flower photos are included.

      I can tweak away with this trial and error, but I thought I’d ask.

      I’malways open to newideas (not mine), frequently I’mveryhappy about asking.

      Oh! I’m not shooting weddings or anything like that. I’m just shooting flower arrangements for a florist friend (gratis)

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      yes, white background will be best (unless flowers are white)

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      google the phrase “light tent”.

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