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      Hi all – I’m new to digital video making… actually I’m returning to the craft. I worked in television 15 years ago, and was a wiz with linear/non-linear editing. Mostly on VHS, SVHS and 3/4″ formats.

      Now I’m trying to update my skills and re-enter the realm, mostly making training videos for my law enforcement training biz and local sports features for my sports announcing hobby… been mostly using free programs from online.

      What I WANT to do is lay video OVER the existing audio track… such as a narration with different b-roll and static pics going over it. BUT I CANNOT FIND A VIDEO EDITING PROGRAM THAT LETS ME DO THIS… or at least they don’t say anything on the listed features… I’ve been burned with one software program already… can anyone suggest a program that will allow me to do this?



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      In Magix Movie Edit Pro 12 you can lay the new track below the old track and use “Stamp” in the effects box. You can stamp the new video in the places you want to cover up.

      Or you can take your video track with audio, hold Control and M while the track is selected and you can separate the audio from the video and move it anywhere, or delete the video leaving only the audio. Then just put your new video on top of that. (Or delete the audio and keep the video)

      Hope that helped.


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      Great… I haven’t been able to find a program that let me split the audio from the video. Thanks a lot

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      Any editor that allows for multiple video tracks (also known as “layers”) should be able to do what you want. I suspect that almost any editor (except maybe the “free” ones) should be able to handle multiple tracks. Put your “A-roll” video on “background” track. Then put your “B-roll” shots on the “foreground” track. In places where you want the “A-roll” to show through, just don’t put anything on the foreground track. The editor will probably allow you to mute the “B-roll” audio, if you don’t want it. Some editing packages can handle an unlimited number of tracks, depending on how much memory you have. Many editing packages, like Sony Vegas, have time-limited demo programs that allow you to experiment with their features.

      Have fun!

      Ken Hull

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      Hi Ken & J. – I appreciate the input! My basic dilemma was that I didn’t want to “experiment” in purchasing a $200+ program and have it not be what I wanted. I was surprised that I couldn’t split the audio and video on two others I’ve picked up (but they WERE cheap!).

      I tried the Magix free demo and am thoroughly impressed! Typical guy… didn’t read any instructions, just started punching buttons and moving things around according to my “old” editors knowledge… In about 30 mins of playing I actually put together a decent 5 min training podcast – surprised the heck out of me! LOL

      I’m probably going to whip out the credit card and purchase the full copy tomorrow… when I’m actually awake and have read a bit of the pdf guide… I’m hoping to find a chroma key option on that particular program. If not, I do have another that I can import, but it would be nice to have it all in one package.

      Thanks again for the help

      I’m gonna hang around here for a while


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      Chroma key is there, in the effects box. Key on white, green, blue or black.

      You’ll find MEP 12 or 14 will do anything you want pretty much. 😉


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