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      Hey guys, new here, and I need some help and suggestions on a laptop to edit my videos on, I have a couple picked out and I need to know what you guys think I should get. So basically Im a budget filmmaker, and I have a 1080p/720p video camera, and I need a laptop to edit those one. Well here is the one I have picked and it needs to be around the $600-$700 range, I think this is the best.


      Any other suggestions?

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      For the price, I’d have to say you’re definitely getting a lot of ‘bang out of your buck’, butfor editing high-definition, I’d seriously consider looking for processor upgrade options before purchasing the system. A 1.66 GHz dual core does fine for meediting SD with Sony Vegas Pro 9, but for editing HD, I’d want to look at upgrading the processor to something that is more capable of handling HD. Personally, I’d buy the system, try performing basic functions (such as trimming and titles) and then move on to advanced affects such as speed and color changes with your editing software. If the system handles well, then I’d stick with what you have. Otherwise, I’d consider upgrading the processor to something a bit more radical… say a2.5, 3GHz dual core.

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