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      What’s up to everyone on the forums? It’s been awhile since I last posted.

      Okay so here is my problem:

      I am filming my best friend’s wedding next week. I have a sony vx-2100 camcorder. I need a wireless microphone system so that I can stick a microphone in the bouqet, or have my friend wear it. It needs to be something that will pick up audio from the bride, groom, and minister. I’d like to get something that will either plug into my camcorder, or my laptop. I want to spend around $100-$150, but less is always better.

      Does anyone have any experience with these kinds of systems?

      Is there a product that you can recommend to me?

      I have no clue what I need to order, are there any specifications that I should look for when ordering?

      Is there a better way to pick up the sound than what I’ve described?

      Please help me out! I’ve never filmed a wedding. I need to order this like tonight if possible. Thanks in advance.

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      I just thought of something else:

      I’m going to be filming interviews at some point in the future. So, I’d like to get a system that will let me add another microphone if needed. This isn’t that important…I could just buy a new system later, but I would kinda like to kill 2 birds with one stone if you know what I mean. Also lemme know if I’m being too cheap….lol. All I know is that with a lot of electronics, there are the major brands that are really expensive, but there are almost always smaller brands that work really well at a lower cost. I’d kinda like to find something like that if there is such a thing in wireless audio.

      I was actually looking at the Sennheiser FP-12-C on amazon, but I read somewhere that digital hdtv signals interfere with the mics on that particular system. I was very close to buying that.

      Thanks. I really appreciate any advice that is given!

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      If there is any music/DJ/video/production store in your town, check if you can rent something from them. Ask for the tested (used) but not beaten up kit. Most likely it’ll work for you. Sunnheiser sounds like a good choice. You’d be surprise how much more efficient renting could be compare to buying your own stuff.

      And as I said, check with the music stores first, they tend to have MUCH better prices compare to the video equipment guys.

      The secret of a good wedding video is not knowing what to shoot, but knowing what not to be missed.

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      I’d really like to buy something so I will have it available to me at a later date. In the future, I will be shooting a documentary consisting of a lot of interviews. The wedding is outdoors, in a garden…just to give you guys a little more information.

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      Based on your budget, I think one of the few wireless systems would be the Sony 999. See this link for details. Search B&H for other wireless systems for comparison.

      I’ve used the Sony 999, and generally, it is OK. If you search the forum, reviews are mixed. It gives you 3 channels and a lapel mike. I have used it with the Sony VX 2100 without difficulty.

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