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      ok, this may be a little long, but please bear with me

      i make short films and run a small/home recording studio. Right now everything is done on my macbook (2.4ghz core 2 duo and 2gb ram) for music i use logic express and pro tools m powered. For movie editing right know I use Final Cut Express and am starting to play around with Premiere pro, and i find them very similar. I am considering getting a new computer (right now looking at a desktop). As i haven’t built a new PC in a while I would like to build a new PC, maxed out with an i7 and 12gb ram great video card etc. However, this will require a switch from mac to pc. As far as audio goes, i can use pro tools instead of logic on a pc and I will becompletelyfine. For video I would have to use Premiere pro (i dont want to use avid or vegas). Here is the question:

      for a indie film maker who wants professional options and good looking movies will premiere pro be fine? Is it a good idea to switch to a high end pc? Or should i just get a new mid range mac?

      If not I suppose I could just buy another mac and keep using final cut express but the specs of the new mac would be much lower than the specs of a new pc I would build. In case your wondering why i say premiere pro and final cut express, its because i cant afford final cut pro and i can get premiere pro from my school. If it matters i currently use a canon HG21 shooting in 24p 1080i HD, but may upgrade tosomethingbetter after i get a new comp

      THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!

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      Long story short these days if you want a high-end machine mac or pc if it’s a pre-built, you’re going to pay for it. The parts themselves aren’t necessarily expensive until you get to the pro stuff and mac’s and pc’s use the same parts now anyway. The diff comes from the OS’ and the compatible software. Premiere Pro is very similar in setup and operation to FCP so the learning curve won’t be steep. At the really high end of workstations mac’s and pc’s are very similar. Since Vista and definitely with Win 7 (I use both) the crashes mac user’s rail about now come mainly from the same place they come from on mac’s, third party software conflicts.

      So what’s the diff between buying a pre-built mac or pc vs building your own ‘hackintosh’ or pc? Price and tech support. Yes you can spend a lot of money on a high-end mac or pc, but for the same money you can build your own that rivals if not exceeds what you’d get from apple, hp, dell, etc. With them the real money you spend goes to the testing and tech support you get from them. When you build your own, you are the tech support which in time and experience is not that difficult. With a pre-built you don’t have to put much thought into what you’re getting. You’re paying someone to do that for you. Nothing wrong with that. Building your own unit(s) you’ll have to do serious research into the components you require and best judge whether they and your intended software will all ‘play nice together’ within your budget.

      I’ve said it many times here in the forums, ‘building is not for the weak or partially interested.’ Particularly when you’re doing it to create a functional workstation. The good news if you do build, you’ll have intimate knowledge of your system and troubleshooting will become second nature. There are a ridiculous number of support forums out there (including this one) with people knowledgeable in everything mac and pc you could possibly think of. So you can save yourself some money on tech support in that aspect. I’ve been building since ’97 and I still ‘tap’ the forums when I run into something unexpected.

      If you want to update your knowledge about building PC’s, check out the ‘To Build or Not to Build’ post in the Tech Talk forum.

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