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      I need to offer fairly long videos (10-15 min) via download through my site. I’ve got the e-commerce side setup and ready to go for digital products but I have a limit of 1GB of server storage.

      I’ll be using Vegas 6 for editing. How do I compress these rascles down to a web friendly size? Say like 25-40 mb each?

      And what is a reasonable download size? Is 40 megs way too much for dialup?

      Thanks for any advice you can offer!

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      Yea I’ll use Flash video for the teasers but I want to be able to sell highlight videos of racing events. I’d like for each highlight video to be about 10 minutes in length and for download only. Meaning they won’t watch it on the site itself, rather download the .zip file and watch offline.

      So far I’ve been able to zip a mpeg down to about 32meg for a 5 minute video.

      If that won’t work I may have to switch to a subscription format and just show everything with flash.

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