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      Hi Guys.

      Newbie here but I do have some video knowledge. Audio quality is something I am missing however. I??ve been working with the on board Sony cam mic and a basic logitech mic that plugs in by usb connection.

      I??ve solved the actual audio quality problems from video footage with the addition of a Audio tech AT-897 shotgun mic and an xlr adaptor. But I do quite a bit of narration with video as well and I can??t get the same sound quality. I??ve tweaked it with audacity and removed unwanted noise but the voice doesn??t sound the same.

      I realize it must be the cheap logitech mic and the connection to the PC. How do I get this to work? Is there an adaptor I can use with the shotgun that plugs into my pc?

      Thanks. Great site!


      Sony DCR-VX2100 camera

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      there is a company called presonus that makes the Firebox, it’s a firewire interface with xlr in, my brother uses it with audio recording for bands and podcasting and the quality is very good, and B&H has it for $300. Also you could just record using the mic plugged in to the camera and then just delete the video associated with the audio you import.

      hope this helps, if you need some clarity, just let me know.

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      the combination of a good mic whit a good audio editing software should make it. Recording in a controled environement shoulg help too, be aware of the computer noise, neon fuzz, and everything that could introduce noise in your naration.

      There is aslo a few effect that you should put into your voice, like a EQ , a low cut for POP and low frequence noise, a good compressor … etctool

      I am using pro tools for my narration and its working verry well.

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      I could be wrong on this, but I’m a voice-over actor, and I record narration in my studio- sometimes with audacity- and send it off as a wav or mp3 attachment to my clients and they use that file. I am recording with a great microphone, and have trained to do the job. That could make a big difference. Hope this helps-

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      I have read what the other posters have stated, and I agree with all of it. Here is what I have to say, and I will probably end up repeating the others:

      I agree, recording to tape is a good route. The standard for audio in video is 16-bit 48KHz, and even a consumer miniDV camcorder records this. Your editing program should allow you to capture just the audio from the tape, but if not, you should at least be able to export just the audio after capturing.

      As stated above, it isessentialyou record in a quite environment.

      What hasn’t really been noted in the posts above is your equipment for recording. In my experience the Shure SM85 is a very nice handheld mic, but don’t make the mistake of holding the mic while you record. Do yourself a favor and get your self a desktop mic stand. Invest in a pop filter as well.

      As far as mic placement, don’t hold the mic right in front of your mouth. A lot of people think you need to, but you don’t. Hold the mic just below your mouth about 6 inches away from your body, and point it at about a 45 degree angle toward your mouth. You should be talking over the mic, not directly into it.

      After recording you can bring the audio into an audio editing program to enhance and sweeten the voice over. If you know what you’re doing, I suggest doing so, but if you follow the advice of the other posters and myself I think you will be in good shape.

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      Wonderful responses!

      I have considered using the camera recording, but I’d like to eliminate the steps. I have the basic recording environment taken care of. It sounds like the quality of the mic is key for the most part.

      Would something like this work?

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      I have several friends that swear by Blue Snowball USB Mic, see below. They claim great sound quality both indoors and out.*&bhs=t

      I myself like the Zoom H2, though it’s SD card record media. I have had mine for almost a year and get great audio from it. With 4 mics and 3 mic settings you can even get surround sound effects with it. With the Joby Gorillapod as a handle, you can “hang” it just about anywhere. (If you have seen EarlC’s posts, He’ll vouch forthe H2as well.)

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      Oh my… that gorillapod looks like something I could use considering most of my video production is related to flooring. Lower surface action shots always require a very steady hand. Thanks for pointing that gizmo out to me:)

      Thanks for all the suggestions. Looks like the snowball is highly rated.

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