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      I just bought a Canon Vixia HF R20. I want to use a clip-on mic to keep the audio levels consistent. So I bought the cheapest one, the Olympus ME15.

      There is no sound recorded with the external plugged in. In fact, the internal mic is very sensitive, and picks up faint background noise. But when I plug in the external, it drops to nothing on the level reader. I’ve seen references to powered externals. Is that my problem here?

      Thanks for any help.

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       I’m surprised that the person who sold you that mic couldn’t advise you that it requires external power of from 1.5 to 10 volts. I’m also surprised that you didn’t go on line to find this information for yourself. I looked the mic up on the B&H catalog site.

      Rick Crampton

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      rick, thanks for the response. i bought the mic at J&R in person, and the guy who helped me didn’t mention any specificrequirements. I didn’t know enough at the time to ask. i wasn’t sure what to look for (plug-in-power system), which is why I would have trouble searching online. i think i’m good now. thanks again for the help.

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