Need long cables for LIVE broadcast

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      I’m a first time post(er). I wanted to ask for alittle advice before I upgrade.

      I broadcast live games, and events with 4 Canon HV30s. Their connected to my PC via firewire. Firewire gives me excellent quality, but its short! My longest cable it 25′

      What should I use for long distances? My camera outputs composite, component, and HDMI.

      Is anyone using 100′ component cable? HDMI? Am I overlooking a better way? I will need to buy capture cards as well (possibly Intensity Pro) but I want to figure out what cable I should go with while keeping my great quality. HELP! lol

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      AvatarGrinner Hester

      Making your own componant cables is the norm. Easy enough… just crimping bnc ends to cut spools.

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      really? so use standard cable wire that is used for tv? that makes sence for long distances.

      now, how would i connect that to my camera? my camera has “rgb component”. please dont tell me i would need some expensive converter or something.

      i kno these are prob amateur questions…sry

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      Okay, I did my homework. Ignore my questions. Thanks for your help!

      I would like to ask…could I just use RCA ends instead of BNC, or is there a reason you suggest using BNC connectors.

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      The cable Grinner refers to is your typical RG59 assembly that often comes with BNC connectors and is readily available at places such as Markertek, etc. Canare is a popular, top-quality cable, and rather than using crimp tools to create your own, as over-simplified by Grinner, I suggest spending the extra money to acquire them already made … sturdier construct.

      The cable is more robust than your standard cabling that comes with RCA plugs. I use the RG59 cable for runs of up to 200 feet but still use RCA-to-BNC adapters to connect to various cameras. This type cable holds up better to more-than-average use, daily, even weekly, and isn’t as quick to get weird kinks and twists, with wires breaking internally, and is better insulated for better quality signal transfer.

      It will NOT match up to digital connections or HDMI et al, and I don’t use it very often for recording signals, mostly for long runs for feed/input or satellite export from live feed to a player or projector in other rooms.

      I also have used with good results standard issue RCA analog cable and connectors, but for runs of more than 75-100 feet I use a distribution amp to keep the signals strong.

      There are a LOT of options, and it would take a course and accompanying book to go into it all, but you can pick up a lot visiting the MarkerTek people or Google searches for various things like video connections, signals, strengths, weaknesses, etc. Hope this info helps a bit.

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      Thanks EarlC,

      That helps alot. I will check out Markertek.

      Hopefully this RG59 will give me good-enough quality to work with.

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      UPDATE: I visited markertek. They helped big time and I am happy with my 75′ component cable. Eventually I plan to make my own as suggested by grinner.

      Two new questions:

      1. Will 100′ feet of component cable hurt me? (Doing1080 video out of Canon HV30.)

      2. Can I even mix 75′ and100′ cables without there being some delay between the two?

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      Unfortunately, the Canon HV series won’t do HD component out, though you can use HDMI for a run that long.

      (Take this with a grain of salt, I’ve never done this with my HV) a rough guess is that long HDMI cables(with a repeater/booster partway down the chain- most are rated by length) will stand you in the best stead. Once that part is dealt with, the Intensity’s HDMI in should do the trick.

      One more thing- you’ll be able to get the full 1920 x 1080 sample off the chip with HDMI (as opposed to the 1440 x 1080 through firewire).

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      For 100ft hdmi cable deal, you can check here, it’s cheaper than most of amazon or ebay sites that i found !

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      That was so quick and easy. I have never thought that it would be so easy to do long distance broadcast. I thought these functions usually come with as a part of the cable Tv deals ( , but I was wrong. Thanks for making me aware about the details to get things done in the proper way.

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      You can get reliable 150ft HDMI via Cat5 baluns and then using cheap cable to do the link.

      For sneal88’s comment on length – delay is immaterial going down cable or fibre as transmission speed is 186 million miles a second – or just a tad less. A few feet here and there make no difference. The killer with long cables is capacitance – losses become frequency dependent and digital has nice sharp edges to the waveform and these get kind of rounded off – so you get to the point when the receiving equipment says enough is enough – and that is very unpredictable because few manufacturers ever tell you what the cable spec they use actually is! You can have a long HDMI that works, and is dirt cheap, and an expensive shorter one that doesn’t. Far too much cable is hyped up with outrageous claims.

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