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      I am in the process of making a movie. I use sony vegas movie studio platinum 9. My footage is widescreen (which I like). But I also use somestock-footagein the movie also. It lookshorriblein the transition from widescreen to fullscreen. Itriedcropping thestock-footagebut thatdidn’thelp at all. Is there a program that can letterbox footage out of editor? Or can any of you do it for me ( I would send you the vegas file ). Please help.

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      Why don’t you use Vegas to do the letter boxing? It is so easy. Just click on the “event crop/pan” square button. Then use the defaults to to select the widescreen box. With the “resize on center” option on, resize the frame till the 4:3 video you’re using fits into the 16:9 frame. Make sure the video is on the lowest video track or the black bars will be clear, allowing lower tracks to be seen on the sides.

      If you don’t understand, I could send you an example using generated media. If you’d like to see an example .vf file, let me know. But it is so easy you might be surprised. Give it a shot and let us know how it works out.

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