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      I am looking to purchase a new video camera and could use some expert advice. I video tape stock car racing at a small asphalt track. The lighting is always an issue. I currently use a Canon GL2, but the picture is not as clear as I would like. I have 2 GL2s and I have had to send them to Canon service multiple times to have the dv in connection repaired—at $400 a pop, that cuts into profits significantly.

      Oh, and I want to stick with the miniDV tapes. I record to a portable hd, but I like to have the tapes as a back up. I edit with Adobe Premiere CS3. I Also have an audio mixer on the camera that I plug into the mixer board to pick up the announcer.

      Thanks for any help you can give me.


      Keep in mind that I kind of got thrown into this gig with no previous video experience. My brother set me up with all my equipment and showed me how to set it up and use it, that’s about all I know!

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      Audio mix sounds great!  The lights are probably a problem for the drivers, too.  Best solution is to raise them up another 50 feet!

      I am an amateur, too, but I will add 2 cents.  I noticed that when someone replies to a new post, the experts seem to take notice and start assisting.

      Are there any filters available for your lens?  If no one assists you here, call B&H Photo.

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