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      πŸ˜€ Our church would like to start a tv ministry on local cable access channel. I need to know what I should recommend them purchasing to do this. We would edit with non-linear equipment and give cable access channel a dvd with worship service on it.

      I need camera equipment etc. pretend we have nothing.

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      Here’s some info per your request. I hope it helps you. The most important thing to do is to determine a budget. That will really guide what you buy.

      Video Production Starter Kit

      Visit the websites of these Vendors for pricing:
      Industrial Video
      B & H Photo

      DV Cameras

      (Canon) GL2 Camera

      (Canon) XL2 Camera Kit (The camera kit comes with several accessories such as batteries, AC Cable, Video Cable etc.)

      Note: Purchase the CanonMA100XLR Mic Adapter / Shoulder Pad for professional XLR connections and shoulder mounted shooting.

      Wireless Microphones

      (Azden) WLX-Pro System which Includes:
      (1) WL/T-Pro Bodypack transmitter (WM-Pro) for talent
      (1) EX-503 lavalier microphone (this attaches to the bodyback transmitter)
      (1) WR22-Pro 2 channel VHF Receiver (to mount onto camera). This receiver allows you to connect two wireless mics.

      Note: If you need two lavalier mics you will need to purchase an additional WL/T-Pro which is not included in the WLX-Pro system package.


      (Lowel) Go Tube Kit Light Kit With LB-35 Soft Case Code: T1-90LBZ
      This Kit contains:
      2 Tota-lights (T1-10)
      2 750w, 120v lamps (EMD)
      2 Omni-stands (01-33)
      1 Tota-brella (T1-25)
      1 Tota-frame (T1-20)
      1 Assorted Gels (T1-7
      1 Tota Lampak (T1-61)
      1 Tube Case (T1-82)

      (Manfrotto) Tripod Kit No:501,525PKIT

      For cameras/DVCams weighing up to 13.2 lbs.

      Tripod Head
      501 PRO VIDEO HEAD

      Tripod Legs

      Kit includes:
      525MVB Tripod
      501 Pro Video Head
      3284 Half Ball
      3138 Spreader
      3282S Padded Bag

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      Some ministries are using the NLE from Applied Magic. With mutli-camera switching, the output of the switcher goes to capture. This capture is real time, and wavelet based. Once the capture session is complete, the video can be exported to any format. There is no render time, it’s real time. πŸ™‚

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      Kind of coming in late on this post, but thought I would add some thoughts anyway.

      1. Don’t rush this project. Do it right so pp won’t get a bad first impression of your church.

      2. I honestly believe editing in post will be better, but I also think a live mix will help that process. Also, you can sell the live mix DVD’s right after the service.

      3. So… equipment
      At least 2 High Quality cameras (plan on spending around $3000 each)
      Video switcher (datavideo has a nice $1000 one, there are others)
      Firestore belt drives (record cameras directly from firewire to HD so you’re ready to edit.
      An intercom system for your cameras and whomever is switching (can use FMS radios for this with some success)
      A seperate audio mix from the sound room. Ideally will include an ambiance mic, and someone mixing it as the service happens
      Good quality fluid tripods with lanc controllers so the zoom and camera controls are where your hand is working

      4. I received some feedback that I really liked. Make this different!! Don’t just shoot your services and record it and burn a DVD. Put some effort into it, use some other footage to help get the point across. Different angles… think outside the box to make your production something people talk about and want to watch

      Good luck


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      I have the perfect solution for your church. Contact Me at 817-771-8347 or e-mail and I will be glad to send you the information.

      Joel Brooks
      Video Producer

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      Hey Rebecca,

      Hopefully you’re still looking for answers, and this hasn’t come too late.

      What is your churches setup for space and lighting? Knowing that information can really help you pick out equipment.

      I did video work with a jumbo sized megachurch for five years. They had better stage lighting than the local community theatre (which is among the best in the country) and good house lighting. A church like that could use GL-2’s and get good picture (though with their budget, they actually went and dropped $19 Grand apiece on their cameras. They did use an XL-1 as well, though).

      A lot of churches have pretty crappy lighting though (can I say crappy in the church forum??? πŸ™‚ ) and you might need to consider a better camera.

      I own a set of three GL-2’s, and for the most part, if you’re not too concerned with the low-light quality, they’re great. Additionally, Canon’s got a $250 mail-in rebate going on for the GL-2. I went out and bought a new one recently just because I could get one for $1700 brand new with the rebate.

      Lighting is a big consideration. Budget is a big consideration. But also keep audio quality in mind. A beautiful video with horrid audio is worse than a crappy (there’s that word again) video with crystal clear audio. Of course, I was a sound tech before I was a videographer, so maybe I’m biased ( πŸ™‚ ) but make sure you’ve got good mics for ambiance, and that you can get a clean mix off your sound board. That big church I worked at actually split their audio off to two boards, one for the house, and one for the video room’s audio mix. They did have a lot of high-end equipment (our head producer was in charge of one of the local network stations’ broadcast equipment), but even if you shrink it down to your churches budget, the application is still good. Yeah, you’re not broadcasting on a network (yet), but keep your mind open towards the future. Don’t take shortcuts today that cripple you tomorrow.

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      You guys…. I don’t want to seem rude but where were you last year when "Rebecca" first posted the original question?



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      I saw the Month and day, but my mind totally blanked on the year! X-D

      Oh well, that’s the danger of online forums. I suppose the advice is still good, even if the original poster probably can’t remember this place anymore.

      BTW, this looks like a dandy site. I may have to poke around for a while πŸ™‚

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      No Problemo! X-D

      All you have to say is that it was the poster’s fault in front of you for they did the same thing.

      You are correct in that this is a great site for discussing topics, expressing opinions and meeting fellow video people. Personally I find that you can learn a lot from other people’s experiences here. It’s also nice to be able to help other people out that are having problems too especially the ones that are on the verge of jumping off a bridge because we all been there at one point in time.

      Welcome aboard!


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      I recently learned that my local cable company has a public access channel for residents of the county. I live in Calaveras County and the Public Access Chanel here has everything including cameras for your use…. if you are a resident.

      I would check with your local cable company and their Public Access Program.


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