Need help with transfer of Sony Video 8 Tapes…

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      I am trying to Transfer and or play SonyVideo 8 tapes… Are theythe same as HI-8 tapes? Is there an inexpensive machine or converter to play ortransfer theprocess?I do not have the The Camcorder anymore…



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      I realize your post is 3 months old and you may have found an answer by now, but i will answer it anyway. to answer you first question, NO 8mm tapes are not the same as Hi8 tapes. yes they are the same size, and in some cases work in the same machine, but a Hi8 will not play in a strict 8mm machine. Now about the transfering;

      if you still had your camcorder i would have recommended you get what they call a capture card ($35+, any cheaper and you may have problems), which would allow you to plug your camera into and then plug the capture card via USB to your computer where you could burn on dvd or edit. Similarly, you could have gotten a DVD recorder for your TV, (w/ composite inputs) and plug the camera into that and record to dvds the same way people did years ago with VCRs.

      Unfortunately do not know of a way to transfer the tapes without the camcorder, so my advice would be to purchase a used functional camcorder so you could try one of the options i mentioned. i mean you could always bring the tapes to a professinal place, but now your talking some larger bucks depending on how many 8mm tapes your got.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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