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      I have been thwon into the world of live video and need a little help.. We are webcasting live sporting events over the internet off our web site. So far we have done 4 events and overall been pretty succesfull. We have been approached to take on another event and we want to step up our game a bit. So I am looking to add Graphic Overlays to the live stream. things like lower third and title/animation. What is the most econimical way of doing this?

      We currently have a Videonics MX1, 2 XL1s cameras, DS250 camera and Small Cannon handheld. I thought of maybe switching out the MX1 for a MX4DV but theat seems like a large investment since we run everything over composite cable.

      Any help is appreciated

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      what are you using for a computer?

      apple has quartz composer.

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      I am using 2 Dual core DELL Laptops with 2gb of Memory. I may be way off base as this is all new to me but I thought I would need some form of graphics generator that allows me to download images to it and placeddownstream from the switch.

      Maybe on top of recomendations and brief introduction on how to might be of assitance

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      I’m thinking your plan is to take the video out from the mixer and add graphics before sending it to your recording deck and/or the web. This is an extremely tricky thing to do. Especially when the MX1 can already do keys. It has the option of luminance or chroma keying one video input over any other input. From personal experience, I can tell you the chromakey is easier to use than the luminance key.

      So anyway, you will need to use your spare video-in (assuming I counted right) to input your graphics. And this, I believe, is what you are asking for advice in doing. I wouldn’t advise trying to find a working title generator. I think it would be cheaper & easier just to get some video digitizer with video in AND video out. Then use your video editing software to generate & display your graphics. Take the video out from the digitizer and run it into one of your video inputs, then chromakey your titles.

      If you have any trouble or any questions, feel free to contact me. Hope it works for you.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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