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      Im playing a game (Counter Strike Source) and i’m been playing for a few years now and i really want to make a movie about my css career. There is a console or more like a box where you can type inn commands in the game. And when i type in ‘startmovie’ i can capture photos in the game. And then i can use program (virtualDub or VideoMach) to put all the photos together so it will be a video . Thats the way we make Movies for this game. I capture the photos in the resolution of 1280×768(widescreen). After i used virtualDub to make the video the file is very big. It’s like 9GB for just 6 secounds. But thats ok because i’m gonna put this clips in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 and edit them and Export them to one movie. BUT. When i export its still very big files and very little time, thats probably because i export it the wring way. I’m going for Microsoft AVI file in the Export option. Sometimes the quality get’s really BAD.

      To sum this up. I have many video clips in 1280×768 resolution that i’m gonna open in Premier Pro and Now i need to export them to get good quality in AVI file. Can someone plis tell we how to do that? (want good quality and the file to be around 300mb when the length of the movie is about 6-8 minutes. If you got som good tips about some good codec’s so lett me know…

      thx for all answers πŸ™‚ <3

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      9gb for 6 seconds sounds like something is VERY wrong. Honestly, I don’t know the answer. If you don’t get too many replies here, you might try the Doom9 forum.

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      There’s many ways to go about this, perhaps I could be of more assistance if you could tell me exactly what you plan on doing with the video.

      Also, would you rather just capture the game to video if you could, instead of taking photos? There are many ways to do this.

      I can let you know that if you are exporting to AVI, 9 minutes of video will be about 2Gb. You will have to compress the video into another format or use a diferen’t AVI codec.

      Best Regards

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      I just passed over the whole 9GB for six seconds…I can’t really fathom that, besides he said it didn’t matter to him, so I figured everything is ok…we just got to get a good quality video under 300mb for him… 8)

      But Damn!….9GB/6sec….LMAO ROFL…could you imagine…we would need external hard drives the size of refrigerators….

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      You mean you haven’t heard about my "Storage room?"

      That’s enough for about half an hour, 45 minutes if I really compress the footage. X-D

      Seriously though, that’s a BIG file!

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      Seriously though, that’s a BIG file!

      It really is…He should get an award or something…I don’t think I could make a 6 second video file that big even if I tried (and I just did by using uncompressed AVI but I fell way short…only 163mb)

      I would sell that file to the Smithsonian if I were him.

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      Hey Fayah,

      I want to help… but need more information. Do you want an HD streaming web video, an SD streaming web video, HD DVD, Blu-ray, or Standard DVD? I could probably help more if I new you delivery format and/or your intentions for this video.

      While I’m waiting for your answer, you may want to just import the photos into premire using a standard DV project and make the video there. Make sure you right click the photo on the timeline and click "scale to frame size" AVI is typically 720×480, so if you import photos that are 1280×768 they will be resized, but the video should still be of high quality.

      If you want HD (1280×720) you will have to use the HDV project setting. The best HD formats for web will be HD-WMV or a quicktime file using the H.264 codec. I doubt you want an HD DVD or Blu-ray disc.

      Like I said, if you can give me a little mor information I could probably help you out more. I just don’t want to type a bunch of stuff that doesn’t apply.

      Best Regards

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