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      Hi I need help with converting a video file from AVI to MPEG. I have tried all the programs that i have and can’t get the job done. Can en one help me?

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      Are you wanting to just do a straight convert of the entire file or do you want to edit it and output that to DVD (MPEG-2)?

      If you want to edit the video, you’ll need what is called a non-linear editor (NLE). There are many out there ranging in price from free to many thousands of dollars and all having varying levels of functionality and features.

      On a PC, for free, Microsoft gives you MS Movie Maker which is not bad and has come a long way in the past couple of years. For under $100 there are a couple of good offerings from Sony, Adobe and others. Once you want some really advanced features you’ll need to move into the professional area where Sony Vegas Pro is about $500 (what I use and I believe the cheapest professional NLE) up to Avid Media Composer for about two grand, with others like Adobe Premiere Pro falling in the middle at about $800.

      If you’re on a MAC you can use iMovie (which I think comes with it) or move up to Final Cut Express for about $200 or the pro version (Final Cut Studio) for about $1200.

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      look in googl for SUPER Converter….its like super..can do a lot of things…but it doesn’t work ith 64-bit computers like mine..i used to use it but now i got a ne computer and cant use it anymore…so i downloaded xilisoft ultimate video converter 5…

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      Also you can use nero 6 , 7 or 8 to convert to the format you like. or Intervideo.
      with nero: go to nero vision essentials then make movie-then browse for the media you want to convert- drag the media on time line-then export. there you can select an export template. on this window you can do whatever you like if you want to change the from NTSC to PAL, Ratio, Size and Fps you can do. you can even do video or audi compression.

      I hope this one will also help.
      Thanks Ombeni<span style=”color: maroon;”></span>

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