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      I have an idea in my head for an opening scene but do not know much about after effects. I do have after effects cs4 so if someone is willing to work with me, I will give them credits for the scene in the DVD. The DVD is projected to be done early September and has pre-sold over 20 copies. I will explain all for people who are willing to help out on this project. Thank you.

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      Your fastest resource online for learning afx is They have an afx ‘bootcamp’ series of tutorials to get you through the basics. I hate to tell you, but with so tight a deadline, you’re way behind the powercurve moving toward afx. Now bad news aside, depending on how complex your sequence is, you may be able to pull this off without pulling out too much of your hair.

      Before you do anything, spend a few hours looking through the free VC tutorials because there’s a good chance something close to what you’d like to do has already been done. If you need any extra tips just ask.

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      The site is actually

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      Other online training available is and

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      Other oppurtunities for online learning: (both an AE podcast and tutorials)

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      Thank you, I will try and look into all of those. It might be hard to get done since I am still editing the main content of the dvd.

      On a side note, if anyone is willing to do this, PM me and we can discuss it further.

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      If you have a specific idea of what you are trying to do we have a few After Effects pros at muvipix that like a challenge.

      Stop by and check it out

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