Need help with a “wind/push/dissolve” transition

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      I see this technique used a lot nowadats.

      on cut one image begins to fly off screen as the other flies in to replace it.

      when this happens the video is blurred and streaking as if you were zooming past.

      I work in final cut pro HD, and i’ve nearly replicated this effect by using a left to right push transition, and doubling a wind filter on the head and tail of the clip, the only problem i have is that the break between the two clips is a solid line. I’m trying to figure out how to eliminate it or if there is just a better way to pull off this effect.

      here is a still image:

      many thanks to anyone who can help!

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      Try replacing the push transition with a gradient wipe. Use a grayscale horizontal gradient as the gradient image and increase the softness value to something high like 80-100%. Let me know if that works.

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