Need help. Urgent! DVC-30 malfunction

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      I purchased this Panasonic DVC-30 just (and I mean JUST) over a year ago and it has performed great up until last week. I finished filming a racing event, turned the camera off, put it away, got home and took it out of the case, turned it back on – and the LCD and viewfinder screen is WHITE. No picture. The on-screen text displays normally – but nothing else. The LCD will occasionally blink "ZOOM LOCK" but that’s the only thing it does. The camera will not switch to playback mode…and while in record mode it will not record. Is there anything I can try to do besides send it out for repar??? I need to use it this weekend…need some advice a.s.a.p.

      I have tried the reset button several times – nothing
      I have tried different batteries and the AC – nothing
      I have ejected the tape and tried different tapes – still nothing
      I have used compressed air to blow all the dust out of every crevice – still nada
      I have done everything I know how to do as a novice film shooter…somebody please help!

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