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      Hey all, I’m in need of help in the next ten hours. I was just asked by a friend if I could film (and take pictures for… heh) *his* friends’ vow renewal ceremony tomorrow (and I’m leaving early AM). I’ve never done weddings, I’ve been planning on it after my XL1s comes next week but have never practiced. I don’t know *anything* about location, size of ceremony, taste of couple (never met them), etc… I have a little camera that I hope makes it all the way through. Not optimal conditions, to say the least, but I’m doing it for free and they’re excited to have any record of the event.

      I was just wondering if anyone has any good last-minute, essential, wedding videography advice, I want to make this as good as I can… It’s a free job but it is a special time for them and it’s my name on the project.

      Thanks in advance if anyone sees this in time!
      =) Nikki

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      Get plenty of cutaways! Take 10 second shots of various pieces and parts either before or after the ceremony.

      Try to get the audio as best you can. I’m no pro, but I know its hard to get a good audio signal without the proper equipment.

      Pose a similar question to random friends and acquaintences and get their response on tape.

      Have fun.

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      thanks, great advice so far!

      Hank, unfortunatly it’s tomorrow so no opportunity to go to rehersal, or to get there early and film prep or find out about set-up (I don’t even know when it starts, I’m riding there with my friend after church)… I don’t even have mics to use. My tripod is broken too (I lost the shoe at a rock show…).

      This is totally on-the-fly and I’d normally never do a project this un-prepared. But it’s a favor and I’ve warned them that it may not turn out due to lack of equip.

      I figure if they waited until the day before to find someone… they’ll probably be happy with anything, I’m just trying to make it as cool as I can.

      Thanks again!

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      Get as close to the action as you can and do close-ups close-ups close-ups. Camera mike should do fine if you are close, but far enough out to not be in the way. (I mean close-up in the sense of movie script directions; MCU, medium close-up, full head shot down to belly button, not nasal hair shots…)
      Whatever you do, don’t firehose. Move the camera slowly.
      You must do good work or they wouldn’t have asked.
      Enjoy the experience!
      Good Luck!!!
      (Reporting from Hong Kong, where I am recovering from 20 days in the Philippines, shooting about 1 hour per day. In the PI, I’ve been staying with locals who are poor, including living in the tropical rain forest like they did 300 years ago. Kind of like a final exam for Peace Corps volunteers.)

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